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Davina - Fit in 15 DVD Review Is Now Available at Exercise-Review-Site.com


Wells, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Davina McCall has recently released her new fitness DVD for 2014, and the team at Exercise-Review-Site.com have just posted a review of this Davina - Fit In 15 DVD on their blog to help people decide whether or not this new workout DVD is worth buying.

According to this latest review, this workout is perhaps not quite as intense as her 2013 DVD (Davina - Intense), which some people found a little too demanding, but is still really good for toning, fitness and weight loss.

There are four main workouts in total, which include cardio, arms, legs and core workouts, along with some cool down stretches and relaxation stretches, and each of these workouts is around 15 minutes long.

The cardio workout can be used to improve fitness and help burn lots of calories in order to lose weight, whilst the other three workouts can be used to target certain parts of the body and help with toning.

Commenting on this Davina - Fit In 15 DVD, and the workouts that are featured in this DVD, a spokesperson for Exercise-Review-Site.com said:

"Davina McCall's DVDs are always one of the top-selling fitness DVDs each year, and this year is no exception because Davina - Fit In 15 is again proving to be very popular and has received lots of positive customer feedback."

"The real benefit of this one, as Davina herself points out, is that people only need to do one of these 15-minute workouts every day in order to start seeing results. So this exercise routine is easy to stick to, and although the workouts are quite short in length, they are intense enough to deliver some impressive results, as evidenced by Davina McCall's impressive physique."

Anyone that would like to read a full review of the Davina - Fit In 15 DVD, or would like to watch a preview video that demonstrates some of the exercises that are included in these workouts, can do so by visiting:


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