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Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry Explain the Importance of Chimney Liners


Egg Harbor Township, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2020 -- In a recent blog post, the chimney repair experts at David Brothers explain why homeowners with chimneys need to make sure the lining of their chimney is in good condition. Chimney liners prevent the brick and mortar of a chimney from absorbing excess heat. They are commonly made from clay tiles, stainless steel, or aluminum. Most local fire codes in America mandate the use of liners by any homeowner with a chimney.

A chimney without a liner is first and foremost a fire hazard. Liners prevent the brick and mortar of the chimney from heating up too much while it is in use. According to tests done by the National Bureau of Standards, the brick and mortar of unlined chimneys absorbed heat so quickly that the wood adjacent to them heated up and caught fire in 3 ½ hours. A well-maintained liner can prevent this from happening.

Secondly, liners protect your chimney from wear and tear. The gases produced by fireplaces and stoves are acidic and can literally eat away at brick and mortar. A proper liner helps ensure a long lifespan for chimneys.

A worn-down chimney may also impact in-home air quality. Toxic flue gases like carbon monoxide can leak into a home through eroded mortar joints. Liners protect the mortar from heat and gas and help ensure a carbon monoxide-free home.

Anyone who is concerned about the condition of their chimney lining or interested in any chimney repair is encouraged to visit Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry online at https://davisbrothersmasonry.net/ for more information on expert chimney maintenance.

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