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Davis Moorelock Consulting Launches Safety Compliance Campaign

Companies witness significant savings when they meet safety compliance requirements


Darwin, NT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- The Australian government places a strong emphasis on protecting individuals in the workplace, requiring all businesses, no matter their size, to identify foreseeable hazards and eliminate or control any risks which arise from these hazards. Once control measures have been established, they must undergo periodic reviews to ensure the problem has been addressed and no new ones have arisen. Companies often turn to safety consultants in Darwin to assist with this process to ensure they remain in safety compliance in Darwin at all times.

"Davis Moorelock Consulting minimizes risk through the use of prevention strategies. Each company brings their own unique needs to the table, yet the technique used by Davis Moorelock Consulting ensures each client obtains solutions which are both long term and sustainable. Clients use and benefit from these solutions in a number of ways, including through a stronger capitalization of the market, increased employee participation in workplace safety duties, and increased production," Sarah Lee Davis, spokesperson for the company, explains.

Davis Moorelock Consulting uses a basic approach to minimize workplace risk. The company works to find the best solutions for each client's unique needs, while coaching workers to understand the need for improvement and allowing them to have their say in the process. Davis Moorelock Consulting leads and engages workers during this process, while empowering both teams and individuals to take ownership of the solution, leading and applying it.

The company provides a wide range of risk, quality, safety and environmental services, all compliant with territory, state, and federal legislation. All services provided address the needs of the client requesting assistance and are delivered by professionals experienced in leading and supporting employees through these changes, while empowering the employees to maintain and continue the process.

"Davis Moorelock Consulting works with a wide range of industries, including aviation, not-for-profit, power, and construction and understands the complexities and demands of these diverse industries. All consultants possess skills which allow them to adapt to different markets while designing innovative solutions specific to the market which will endure over time," Davis continues. "Contact the company today for assistance in creating or improving safety compliance requirements in the workplace as the goal should always be to provide the safest workplace feasible for all employees."

About Davis Moorelock Consulting
Davis Moorelock Consulting helps companies build internal capability, compliance, and capacity to ensure safe systems of people, places, and work. The company designs solutions which are built with purpose, delivering increased safety performance and standards while improving business efficiencies and reducing costs. Revenue growth becomes sustainable, improvement continues, and the business becomes robust and better able to withstand the test of time. The company assists a wide range of industries, while delivering superior products and service, setting measurable targets so all projects are managed efficiently, safely, and to budget.