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DaWei Induction Heating Machine Company Manufactures and Markets Induction Heating Machines

DaWei Induction Heating Machine Company is manufactures induction heating machines in China and markets throughout the world. It manufactures wide range of machines.


Qingdao, Shandong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2014 -- Induction refers to the transfer of energy from one body or region to another without actual contact between the two. When induction is implemented to heat an object or area, the heating is known as induction heating. The technique has extensive industrial application, and machines are specially built for various purposes that involve induction heating. DaWei Induction Heating Company manufactures and markets induction heating machines. It specialises in production of all types of machines that incorporate the principle. The company has been for more than a decade and pays adequate attention to research & development and after-sales service.

DaWei Induction Heating Company specialises in manufacturing machines for/incorporating Thermal Straightening System, Efficient Tube Welders, compact Adhesive Curing Systems, Flexible Brazing Systems, Automatic surface Hardening & Tempering. The machines are widely used for heat fitting solutions, melt, forging, welding, brazing, bonding and heat treatment. The machines have transistor convertors of 5 kilowatts to 300 kilowatts, and frequency of 500 hertz to 300 kilo Hertz. Unique techniques and advanced electric components, which can heat metals partially and quickly. They can even penetrate non-metals to heat metals inside till the metals fuse without direct contact with the metals. Self protection and self control are the main advantages of induction heating machines made by DaWei.

DaWei Induction Heating Company manufactures advanced machines such as induction melting furnace, which offer better heat penetration and maintains internal temperature even. The melting pool can be stirred by M.F. field force and provides better melting quality. It is suitable to melt stainless steel, magnesium, stannum, aluminium, silver, gold, bronze, copper and steel. Another efficient machine manufactured by DaWei is induction brazing equipment, which involves first generation inverting technology and IGBT module. The equipment is light, has simple structure and is easy to maintain. Operating the equipment can be learnt in a few minutes. It does not require any professional expertise for installation.

Induction heating is advantageous especially for the rapid, clean and non-polluting heating process. It can be implemented to heat metals, change the properties of conductive materials, etc. the coil used in the process never gets hot and the heating always remains under control. Induction heating has been made much easier and cost-effective due to solid state transistor technology. DaWei machines start with required water and pressure. Thus, they occupy less room, take less time to start-up and shutdown and heat without pollution. The metal never gets contaminated in this method of heating. Companies in tubes & pipes, foundry & metal, cables & wires, packaging, metal, electrical, electronics, machinery & equipment automobile, medical devices and other industries heavily use induction heating machines.

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DaWei Induction Heating Company Limited is located at Xinle Road in Jiangbei Village of Guangdong Province. It specialises in manufacturing various induction heating machines. It incorporates modern technologies and develops easy-to-use machines that are used in different industries.

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