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Dawn Treader Newsletter Equips Leaders to Disciple Children

Parents and spiritual teachers can access a free monthly newsletter from the C.S. Lewis Institute to help them engage children in discipleship and learning.


McLean, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2019 -- The newsletter, titled Dawn Treader after both the book and the ship in Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series, is available only via the C.S. Lewis Institute website each month. Readers can access it as a web page online or download it as a PDF or printable file for easier sharing. The newsletter is loosely themed around the concept of a ship visiting various ports on the voyage to discipleship, with monthly "islands" or themes related to topics such as Scripture, worship, obedience and fulfillment.

Within each newsletter, adults will find a short devotional or introduction to the monthly topic and a call to action for how parents and other adults can engage children with this topic. Each newsletter also includes a four-week guided Bible study with weekly readings and questions that adults and children can discuss. The Bible study also provides some big talking points and takeaways that relate the readings to the overall theme of the month to help children begin to understand the relevance of these things.

Each issue of the Dawn Treader comes with some other resources useful for helping adults lead children in spiritual study and discipleship. A resource of the month recommendation provides a short review of a book or other resource individuals can leverage in teaching or working with children. The "Question of the Month" feature further explores the current theme through dialogue between the fictional Theologian Theodore and his friends, as Theo answers their often challenging questions about the Christian faith.

Past questions have included "Why do we all want something more?" and "How do we know the Bible is always right?"

This thoughtful article section is followed by a prayer of the month that adults and children can pray together. Finally, the newsletter is wrapped up with an activity of the month to help get kids more involved in the learning. Activities can include crafts or games designed to help kids interact with the lessons and readings or talk more about the month's theme.

About Dawn Treader
Dawn Treader is free and is an outreach of the C.S. Lewis Institute's Keeping the Faith program. This is a study and fellowship experience that is meant to help adults of all ages, including parents and grandparents, work alongside teens and children as everyone grows in discipleship. Individuals and organizations that are interested in these resources can find out more at the C.S. Lewis Institute.