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DawnCigar Launches Electronic Cigar Baking Device


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2017 -- Smoking is known to be harmful to the body, it causes cancer of the lungs and other health hazards. Smoking is the most common method of consuming tobacco, and tobacco is the most common substance smoked. The harm of burning tobacco have been proven to be harmful to health so researchers looked for a way to reduce the risk of taking nicotine. They came up with this new type of low-temperature baking tobacco products that are non-flammable and there have been nonstop experiments to practicalize them.

E-cigarettes are an electronic way of absorbing nicotine which decreases the harmful substance caused by burning cigarette paper and tobacco, it is a battery-operated device that vaporizes a flavored liquid. The liquid in the e-cigarette is usually made of nicotine and flavors. E-cigarette sometimes comes in the shape of a cigarette or pen and come with refillable tanks.

In the course of baking tobacco in lower temperature, the way of nicotine intake decreases the harmful substances caused by burning cigarette paper and tobacco, during which nicotine is also absorbed. Their health risk is uncertain but they have been proven to be safer than a tobacco cigarette. They offer you a way to get your nicotine fix without the danger of cigarette, which is what dawncigar is offering with their brand of electronic cigarette baking device. They are committed to finding ways to reduce the risk to people in the process of taking nicotine.

Dawncigar has the same effect as burning tobacco and are easily used in lower temperature, it has a cigarlinder that allows tobacco to be stacked into it, then put into the baking pot for use. It is very easy and convenient to use, so with that, the use of low-temperature baking tobacco technology becomes really practical. Cigarlinder is made of metal and available for repeated use. There is also dawncigar olaf which allows press bulking tobacco into a tobacco cylinder-cigarolaf then directly put into the baking pot for use. There is a fine packaging for dawncigar, it is made of sheepskin, comes in form of a packet and allows the dawncigar to be carried like a cigarette.

Dawncigar battery cover is non-slip, has heat insulation and WLAN to connect to a dedicated server to record, query and monitor settings at any time of your choice. Unique serial number can also be used as a verification for a product and it also serves as an authentication code of the dedicated server to record, query and monitor smoking status at any time

About DawnCigar
DawnCigar Company is headquartered in China and a top global manufacturer of Electronic Cigar Baking device in the very competitive space. Their mission is to give clients a user-friendly device and give their clients a healthy lifestyle at a much reduced cost.

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Contact person: Tan Bing
Company: Dawn Cigar
Address: Shenzhen, China
Phone: 0086 13823740839