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The Day After Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time to Begin Weight Loss with Diet Doc's Calorie Loading Diet Plans

Diet Doc developed their day after Thanksgiving diet plans that enable patients to enjoy delicious leftovers for two full days while launching their weight loss journey


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- The day after Thanksgiving finds many people singing the post-Thanksgiving weight gain blues and resetting their sights and goals for the perfect time to buckle down and lose weight. While most people think that waiting until after the holiday festivities is best, the day after Thanksgiving is actually the perfect time to launch a weight loss program. While many may find this hard to believe, Diet Doc has discovered the secret to resetting the metabolism and melting excess fat without missing out on the holiday treats.

To enable their patients to begin their day after Thanksgiving diet plans, the professionals at Diet Doc coupled scientific research from the 80s, when it was discovered that short periods of high fat, high carbohydrate consumption increased the body’s metabolism and fat oxidation, with their modern medical understanding. Diet Doc’s uniquely designed day after Thanksgiving diet plans and prescription diet products have the ability to seek out and force stored fat into the bloodstream to be burned as the primary energy source.

The experts at Diet Doc understand that sticking to weight loss goals during the holiday season, when fattening, high carbohydrate foods are in abundance can be challenging, causing many dieters to forego the best laid weight loss intentions. For this reason, Diet Doc developed their day after Thanksgiving diet plans that allow their patients to load up on Thanksgiving leftovers for two full days without guilt and without weight gain worry.

New patients will initially consult online with a Diet Doc physician who will review medical history to ensure that their modern approach to dieting is, in fact, the best weight loss method. Next, patients are encouraged to load up on their favorite Thanksgiving leftovers, boosting the metabolism and preparing the body to begin burning this extra fat. While all patients will qualify for meal and snack plans that are tailored to their specific needs, many will be eligible to accelerate fat loss with Diet Doc’s prescription hormone treatments, diet pills and appetite suppressants.

On day three, patients begin following meal and snack plans that are professionally designed by Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists to be compatible with each patient’s personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs. This is the time that patients will begin learning how to kick bad eating habits and begin incorporating nutrient-rich, low calorie foods into their menu. The lack of carbohydrate consumption will force the body to begin seeking out old fat that is stored in the hard to reach areas, such as the belly, hips, thighs and buttocks. At this time, patients will begin noticing fat melting from these most difficult areas.

Weight loss will be steady during Phase III and patients begin looking and feeling better than ever before. Energy levels have increased and it is almost time to plan a shopping trip for a new wardrobe to accommodate their newly slimmed down body and curves.

At the beginning of Phase IV, patients have ridden themselves of their bad eating habits and are ready to enter the maintenance phase where Diet Doc’s support team will teach them how to sustain their new weight permanently.

Diet Doc has successfully guided thousands of patients toward improved emotional and physical health with their medically supervised weight loss programs. The company urges those who have struggled to lose weight unsuccessfully to call today to begin the day after Thanksgiving diet and enjoy a slimmer, sexier figure for the New Year.

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