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DC Personal Trainer Moves to Arizona, With Intent to Help State Become Healthier.

CEO of LeanDream LLC. And 50MillionCalories opts for a change.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- One of DC’s brightest and best personal trainers is moving to Tucson, Arizona. Alan Zimmerer, Founder and President of LeanDream LLC and 50MillionCalories was looking for a change, and found it in Tucson, AZ. Zimmerer holds a unique combination of education and experience that includes an Engineering degree from the University of VA, a Masters of Business from The George Washington University, personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise, and has written health articles for the Washington DC Examiner and Livestrong.

“It is amazing how my various degrees and experience come together to allow me to be a better trainer. One normally wouldn’t think an engineering degree would do much in the way of personal training, but I see each client as a unique problem that I have to solve, and that perspective combined with my communication skills through business school and my experience as a trainer can be very powerful to have incredible results for my clients. It’s extremely rewarding to change someone’s life in a positive way – nothing puts a bigger smile on my face.”

On his move to Arizona Zimmerer states: “I am absolutely thrilled to be moving to Tucson in July. Tucson offers a good balance of people, culture, and piles of outdoor activities that I love. I’m excited to touch some of the residents in a positive way and ready for a change and a new challenge.”

Zimmerer Founded LeanDream LLC in 2005. LeanDream is an online and in-home personal training company that focuses on engineering a unique plan for each client based on the client’s goals, schedule, experience, equipment, gender, and exercise history. Through his in-home training, Zimmerer maximizes the equipment one has at their home making it the most convenient and effective personal training one can get, with maximum results. Zimmerer also created and manages an online wellness program, www.50millioncalories.org which focuses on improving health and the environment simultaneously by taking the stairs over the elevator. The website is free for anyone to sign up and has a low-cost model for corporations that can choose to white-label the site and have their own version. Finally, Zimmerer promotes good health through You Tube cooking videos where he only cooks and teaches viewers meals that are healthy, quick, simple, and tasty.

About Zimmerer
Alan, Founder of LeanDream, has a very unique background which has positioned him as the most effective online personal trainer. Alan first became "hooked" on exercise around the age of 15, with the intent to maximize his baseball ability. This desire fueled Alan to work out (without much knowledge) up to two hours a day during high school summers. During the school year, coming home from playing a high school basketball game to hit the stationary bike for 40 minutes, or offering to play the entire game of both a junior varsity and varsity soccer game, was not uncommon. In the spring or summer, Alan would often toss his car keys to his father and run home (5+ miles of hills) after pitching an entire baseball game.

As a collegiate baseball player at the University of Virginia, Alan had access to more knowledgeable training resources – and spent hours upon hours annoying the team’s strength coach and nutritionist with question after question – figuring out how to work out smarter, rather than harder; learning what to eat, what not to eat, and how to adjust his diet. Alan learned the precise science behind exercise and nutrition to fuel a high-energy lifestyle, coupled with a lean body. Alan didn’t stop his pursuit of mastering this science by simply annoying the strength coach and nutritionist – he spent hours combing through books, magazines, and online posts in fitness forums, continually gaining a better and better understanding of this science. Alan started to piece together the commonalities from all these sources while constantly experimenting on his own body with nutrition, strength training, and conditioning.

Oddly enough, Alan’s other half pursued a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Cranking through formulas and equations, the analytical part of Alan’s brain further and further developed through the extremely challenging curriculum. Alan began to fuse his engineering thinking with nutrition and exercise science, to “engineer” his own workout and nutrition plans to increase his athletic potential.

After Alan's departure from college and from competitive baseball, his passion had left him with an incredible base of knowledge, extremely high levels of energy, a fit body, a healthy mind, and a passion that burned brighter.

Next on the chopping block was a Master’s in Business Administration from the George Washington University. Completing this degree on top of working a full-time engineering job, and starting up LeanDream, Alan, more than ever, learned to understand what it takes to stay in shape with an incredibly hectic schedule and limited time – further increasing the “efficiency” of his workouts and better engineering them for his own goals – and his growing number of clients.

Aside from the obvious business skills from this degree, Alan picked up courses that focused on leadership, communication, and human dynamics. Alan believes these courses and resulting skills further separate him from other trainers in his ability to communicate professionally, and effectively with each and every client. Alan knows how to conduct his training and business with absolute professionalism, while understanding the dynamics, feelings, and differences that each client brings to the table – and knows how to cope with them the right way.

Some short time after college, Alan was approached while working out in his apartment gym to train another individual. “It was one of the most rewarding experiences. To share all that knowledge I built up over the years to help someone else improve their life. I believe that my work helps everyone have a better life. No matter what you enjoy doing in your life, having a healthy body will allow you to do it better and longer in life."

No other personal training company brings the intelligence and precision of an Aerospace Engineer, the communication and leadership of an MBA, and years of detailed, focused study and self-practice of personal training to the table in a compact, online and easily accessible form.