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DC Plumber, LLC Announces Its Expanded Drip Repair Services


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2017 -- DC Plumber, LLC recently announced that it will be drastically expanding its drip repair services within the DC area. The company stated that it decided to expand its drip repair services in order to help Washington DC homeowners prevent small drips from becoming large leaks and major plumbing nightmares. DC Plumber, LLC stated that what starts as a small drip can easily expand and become a leak that can cause water damage throughout the house.

DC Plumber, LLC went on to announce that its expanded drip repair services do include camera inspections. They stated that camera inspection is one of the latest state of the art tools in plumbing technology. DC Plumber described camera inspections as a process in which a miniature camera is placed in pipes or sewer lines, in order to examine the condition of the pipe. The plumbing company stated that the footage can be viewed in real-time, so that issues can be detected quickly. DC Plumber, LLC stated that its expanded camera inspection services are meant as a helpful service for homeowners.

DC Plumber also announced that its expanded drip detection services include expanded hours, with the plumbing service now operating on a 24/7 basis. According to the company, drips and leaks do not take a break, and for that reason, the company decided that it would not take a break either, and they went on to state that their expanded service hours apply to holidays as well. DC Plumber, LLC stated that the choice to expand service hours was directly related to its expansion of its drip detection services. According to them, this situation is ideal for homeowners.

DC Plumber, LLC closed by providing some brief company information. DC Plumber stated that it has been serving residents of the DC area for years. The company went on to state that its master plumbers and gas fitters service homes and businesses throughout the DC area.

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