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DDoS Defend Article Shows Devastating Financial/Operational Effects of DDoS Attacks on Biz Websites


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Leading DDoS protection service provider DDoS Defend has recently posted a comprehensive DDoS protection article on its website that provides a detailed view of the real-world devastating financial and operational effects of DDoS attacks. DDoS Defend provides DDoS proxy protection, filtering and mitigation for business, personal and non-profit websites.

Statistics have shown that DDoS attacks have increased 2,000 percent in the past three years. Everyone from well-known global corporations to thousands of small business websites experience the devastating effects of these cybercrimes on a daily basis. In order to bring clarity and greater focus to this ever-growing threat to all business websites and the need for anti-DDoS shield protection, DDoS Defend has posted a new thought leadership article on its blog entitled “Why DDoS Attacks Are a Threat You Can’t Afford to Ignore.”

“As experts in the field of dealing with DDoS attacks and DDoS protection, DDoS Defend does all it can to educate businesses and the web community about the high likelihood of these types of threats affecting them,” said a DDoS Defend spokesperson. “This comprehensive thought leadership article by freelance author Janice Camacho and DDoS, IT and Cloud Technology solution expert Josh Day provides both explanations and real-world statistics that show the graveness of the threat and the need for DDoS mitigation in terms that are easily digested.”

DDoS attacks are attempts to overwhelm a system by flooding the server with huge amounts of useless traffic, crippling it for hours at a time. Major loss of business, productivity and revenue are the costs that unprotected websites pay. The article puts forth significant statistical proof of the toll of these attacks on online shopping, trading, and auction sites with some e-commerce sites seeing a potential for as much as $650,000 per hour of disrupted service.

The article cites a fairly recent survey of 400 companies where 70 percent of respondents experienced a significant DDoS attack in the previous year and almost 50 percent of those regularly experienced between one to 10 attacks per month. Numerous high-profile examples are given such as the recent DDoS attacks on CIA.gov, Sony, PayPal and many others as well as the effects on these businesses and organizations. Overwhelming statistical evidence of the vulnerability of small business websites are also provided with included reports citing “a one in three chance of a DDoS attack.

Because of the potential losses that a DDoS attack can incur, websites must employ the best DDoS mitigation services that the Internet can offer. DDoS Defend ensures security for every one of its clients through world-class technology that is both simple and effective. All of the service provider’s available packages deliver superior DDoS mitigation that is unrivaled in the industry. To read the article and for more information on DDoS Defend, please visit http://ddosdefend.com

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