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DDoS Defense Services by JavaPipe Now Upgraded for Maximum Protection


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- DDoS attacks attempt to make websites, servers, or networks unavailable to users by flooding them with unwanted traffic, so many companies are opting to purchase DDoS protection for their websites in order to stop DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are becoming very common these days, so failing to provide websites with adequate protection can lead to extreme website downtime and sales loss.

Website owners seeking DDoS defense solutions have been consulting JavaPipe for protection. JavaPipe’s DDoS mitigation service, PipeGuard™, is popular with websites and game servers across the United States and Europe seeking extreme DDoS protection, mainly because of their high capacity filtration system. PipeGuard™ is extremely reliable, providing availability, reputation protection, and transparency to users, plus it can be used with any hosting provider.

Customers who choose to use PipeGuard™ to stop DDoS attacks enjoy many standard features such as proxy tunneling technology; protection against TCP, UDP, and HUB based attacks; web caching; high filtering capacity; SSL support; and frequently updated Traffic Stats. PipeGuard™ also comes with a 99% Uptime guarantee.

JavaPipe recently improved PipeGuard™’s features as a part of their mission to have the most innovative and up to date defense systems. In addition to fatter pipe upgrades in the U.S., JavaPipe now resources expansive boxes, allowing their DDoS mitigation systems to operate faster than ever before.

JavaPipe’s PipeGuard™ solution was developed through constant testing. PipeGuard™ uses frequently updated Fortinet and Cisco Hardware firewalls to help eliminate negative traffic and mitigate sites from new types of attacks. JavaPipe sandboxes each client’s solution so extreme DDoS attacks will not affect any other clients in the system, and custom configures web servers to mask real IPs.

PipeGuard™ is offered in four configurations—Light, Median, Heavy, and Custom—and provide up to 10Gib/s of DDoS protection. The monthly prices start at $100 with no set up charge. Custom solutions are available upon request.

At this time, JavaPipe is offering a promotion for the U.S. upgrade of PipeGuard™ and as well as DDoS mitigation appliances in Europe. Customers can receive 30% off of their upgrade or purchase using code 30OFF.

About JavaPipe
Since 2001, JavaPipe has been in operation, leading them to become an expert in the DDoS industry. Backed by seasoned veterans, JavaPipe’s motivated and passionate team delivers one of the most resilient forms of protection on the market. For more information, please visit http://javapipe.com/web/ddos_mitigation.html