Dead Bodies Found in Hoarders Home

Hoarders collecting more than just clutter


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- It sounds outrageous, but finding a dead body in a hoarder's home is not an uncommon occurrence, especially in the case of animal hoarders. Heavy duty cleaning experts at Hoarders911, a hoarders clean up company based in New York, reports several findings of dead animals buried underneath clutter in their clients' homes.

Animal hoarders tend to acquire more pets than they can care for, and in some cases can also lose track of which ones are alive and which are dead. "It's really sad; we'll find a dead animal like a cat or a pet rabbit underneath piles of stuff. The owner had no idea they were even there," says a member of the Hoarders 911 staff.

The reasons for this vary, but the common cause is that a hoarder will accumulate so many things that they are literally buried alive by the clutter. Although Hoarders911 can not confirm these sightings for themselves, there have been several news reports over the years of human cadavers found buried underneath piles of junk as well.

Obviously the clutter can create fire hazards and safety concerns, but they also contribute to the dead bodies found in hoarder's homes. One Hoarders911 field agent gives his explanation, "If a pet dies in a hoarder's home, many times it may go unnoticed, and blends in with the junk, and more junk gets compiled, so over the years, it is not uncommon to find dead pets in hoarder's home"

For this reason, and many others, animal hoarders can and do get charged with animal cruelty. "Although they may have good intentions when they let in animals into their homes, sometimes they take in more than they can care for, which causes neglect"

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