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Dead Time: Montana Author Writes Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel to Raise Vital Funds for Military Families

Written by Jason Wilcox, the ‘Dead Time’ series is resonating with young readers around the world. While it provides young minds with an enthralling and engrossing literary experience, all proceeds from the book are also helping to fund Fisher House – a network of comfort homes build for injured service people and veterans.


Missoula, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Jason Wilcox has always been a wordsmith; recently achieving his dream of publishing a popular fiction series. However, while advancing his own credentials, Wilcox has used his debut book as a powerful opportunity to raise vital funds for U.S. troops and their families.

The book at hand is ‘Dead Time: Azgiel’s Return’, a vivid and compelling Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel for young readers. As the first book in an upcoming series, Wilcox’s narrative is rapidly picking up pace with an eclectic readership.


In a world much like our own where dark souls manipulate the very fabrics of society, an ancient evil returns seeking revenge for his incarceration.

His love, The Witch, summons her demons and prepares their minions for the reigniting of a universal war. Caught in the middle is Caden, an unsuspecting secret agent who possesses powers from a past he does not remember, tying him to the war and the evil that is after him. Demons, witches, dragons, and a host of other creatures will stop at nothing to prevent him from gaining his powers back.

Can Caden recover his memories before the ancient evil taps into his power to dominate, or will restoring his power lead him down the path of evil as well? Caden must make his decision quickly before his world is destroyed.

Wilcox explains his decision to use the book as a vehicle to assist military families.

“My Brother served two tours of duty in Iraq. After hearing his stories about him and his friends who had suffered during their posting, I knew I needed to do something to help. As a writer, I was confident I could create a commodity that would raise funds for service people and their families. Therefore, all proceeds from ‘Azgiel’s Return’ will be donated to Fisher House – a charity providing comfort homes for soldiers and veterans who need solitude during recovery,” he says.

Wilcox continues, “When I discovered that readers outside of my core target market were buying the book, I was delighted. This means I can donate as much money as possible and help those who are in need of care. The book is an entertaining and exciting adventure that people can get lost in and escape from their everyday lives. I’ve had many people that don’t even read this genre tell me they can’t put the book down.”

Reviews confirm that the book is proving immensely popular. Wilcox was delighted to receive a glowing testimonial from his favorite author, C.J. Cherryh: "A blend of genres. Something different ... Edgy ... New! ... an action-adventure-science fiction-thriller here, with a dose of demons and an inventive, well-conceived premise."

Amazon users are also quick to offer their praise. One reader adds, “If you enjoy creativity in science fiction/fantasy, then you will enjoy this book. The story does not drag, has a novel concept, and flows very well. So many times a reader finds themselves filling in gaps or trying to make sense of concepts in the plot, but not here, as there is a great balance between explanations, and allowing the reader to use their imagination.”

With the book’s sequel, ‘Redemption’ also available, readers are urged to snap up their copies as soon as possible.

Both books, along with the author’s other works, are available here: http://amzn.to/1boU6xe

About the Author: JASON WILCOX
JASON WILCOX is a Counselor by trade who loves to write and has been writing for the last fifteen years. He received his Masters in Social Work from Walla Walla University. He lives in the great state of Montana where he loves spending his time with his three cute kids, wife, and Dusty a black Great Dane that thinks he's a lap dog.