Dealer Bid UK Gives Power to the Car Sellers in Unique Online Platform


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- Selling a second-hand car can be a difficult and frustrating process these days, with so many options actually driving demand down. Whether to sell on eBay, take what We Buy Any Car offers, or go with the old school newspaper classifieds and hope for the best it’s a difficult decision for car sellers to make. Thankfully, there is a new way, one which puts a degree of power back in the hands of the seller.

Dealer Bid UK has cut out the middle man to connect sellers with dealerships in a way that encourages dealers to bid for their cars. The site asks sellers to fill out a one-time form including the details of the car, then the listing will appear to bidders, who make an offer. This auction format means dealers compete for the cars in stock.

Dealer Bid UK has recently remodelled its website from the ground up due to its accelerating success, offering search speeds for dealers ten times faster than in previous builds, and offering an all-new interface for sellers.

The site has even been recognised by the Daily Telegraph, one of the nation’s leading newspapers, as a means by which for those selling cars to get a better deal than many of the more aggressively marketed online solutions.

A spokesperson for Dealer Bid UK explained the advantages of their system,

“In the UK there are a lot of car buying websites now that will make you an offer to buy your car for cash. These are usually automated offers made by software so nobody actually takes the time to speak to the seller about their car, causing a worst-case-scenario car valuation far lower than necessary, allowing the company in turn to sell the car onto a motor dealer for a quick profit. Our site is different. We don’t buy any cars, our system instead allows sellers to enter their car details and the system immediately sends that information to hundreds of different dealers and car buying companies who make their own individual cash offers. This bidding process increases the chance of a stronger, more accurate price and cuts out the middle man making a profit out of your car. It’s an elegant system, and the refurbishment has made it faster and more intuitive for both sellers and dealers.”

About Dealer Bid UK
Dealer Bid UK has attracted national press attention due to its unique system of connecting sellers with dealers who bid for their cars, promoting better value for the seller and cutting out middle men. For more information, please visit: