Dealer Disclosure Shifts Power to the Buyers, Provides Luxury Vehicles at Very Low Priced Leases


Delray Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Dealer Disclosure has become a revolutionary platform to purchase vehicles, as it is offering the buyers the lowest price out of their extensive database of nearly 300 nationwide direct dealerships. Due to this comparative approach lease prices have dropped significantly, enabling them to offer luxury vehicles at hundreds less a month.

Low priced leases like these are common on their website, where buying a person’s dream car doesn’t seem farfetched at all. For example one their Lexus lease rates are priced well beneath the advertised rates. The company offers both entry level and high-end luxury cars.

Their objective as the company puts is, “Offering a simple and easy means of researching, locating and acquiring a vehicle without the hassle, negotiations or games often played when purchasing a vehicle.” However what had started as a convenient manner of leasing a vehicle may have set the trend for the future.

Now dealerships have to adjust their pricing to match their competitors, and when an interested customer has approx 300 dealerships to choose from, prices will evidently fall. As has been the case for Dealer Disclosure, which is now providing Audi, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, and Mercedes lease offers.

One might even suspect that due to the increasing number of customers shifting to an online platform this was bound to happen. However, Dealer Disclosure is definitely one of the pioneers of this new age vehicle leasing.

A concern that might creep in with such purchases is the availability of the vehicle. Dealer Disclosure has made direct contacts with the dealers across the nation to make sure the consumer gets the vehicle he or she is looking for.

Dealer Disclosure already has extensive contacts with direct dealerships and is currently offering numerous car makes and models. Individuals who are curious to know a BMW car lease or perhaps Audi leases or any other dream car of theirs can avail the free quotes from the company’s official website.

About Dealer Disclosure
Dealer Disclosure is an innovative online platform that enables individuals to buy their dream car at very low priced leases. The company has direct contacts with approximately 300 dealerships in the country enabling them to offer their customers the best possible price for any desired vehicle. Through their website,, the company is providing free quotes upon filing up a simple form.

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