Dealmaker Academy

Dealmaker Academy Launches Joint Venture (JV) and Dealmaker Training


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- A new project has been launched by Paul Renner, CEO Dealmaker and owner of Dealmaker Academy which involves Joint Venture (JV) and Dealmaker Training.

After many years’ experience in creating successful deals and learning from the pitfalls of finding and structuring profitable deals there was a need to create a company to help fellow Entrepreneurs, Business owners and CEO / owners through this process.

"I have learned a great deal in my years in the business world. It's easy to say that I have learned the good , the bad and the ugly but the truth is, all of it is good," he said. "Even the mistakes I have seen are good because I have learned to avoid doing the same thing from that point on."

Among the topics Dealmaker Academy specialises in are:

What is Dealmaking

- Different types of deals
- Principal, Broker or Agent (Pros and Cons)
- JVs
- Written contract, handshake, telephone calls

Examples of deals

- How to make an extra 50k -100K in your business
- Millionaire / Billionaire secrets which can be applied to every business person
- Deals that made over 500K
- Leveraging - OPM /OPE

How to structure deals

- Stages of a deal – Timeline
- Gathering information on the deal and parties
- Preparing the initial offer
- Refining the offer
- Closing the deal
- “The bottom line” / Maximum Price
- BATNA - Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement
- ZOPA - Zone of Possible Agreement
- What makes a Great Deal

Psychology of deal-making

- Theory vs. Real life
- Negotiation tactics
- Power Phrases
- Finding the real underlying needs of the parties
- Harness your bargaining power
- Leveraging your Assets
- Stalling / Restricting time to make decisions
- The “Take Away”
- Push / Pull
- Counter offers

Fees / Commissions for deals

- Structuring the fee
- Front end / back end / on-going royalty payments
- How to make sure you get paid
- Warning signs to watch out for and how to fix them

Contract examples

- Broker Agreement
- Fee Protection Agreement

Where to find deals

- Networking / Contacts
- Targeting Traffic
- How to Get Past the Gate Keeper

Pitfalls and Mistakes

- Example of competitive bidding
- Overpaying
- How to do your due diligence

Getting Started / Action Plan

- Templates for success
- What you need to do now – Next Steps

"I have distilled my experience into creating a Dealmaking Academy with a network of professional business specialists to help you be successful. Through the Academy you will learn what works, what doesn't and how to create successful Deals and Joint Ventures (JV)," Mr. Renner said.

Paul Renner is a Dealmaker and Joint Venture (JV) Specialist who has founded several information based companies including, Dealmaker Academy and C6 Intelligence Information Systems, a financial information database used by international banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Paul is the author of “Becoming a Dealmaker - Business Negotiation Basics” available on and "Preventing Financial Instrument Fraud" - prepared with the ICC Commercial Crime Services, the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce.

For more information Contact:
Paul Renner