Dealmaker Academy Launches Dealmaker Academy 3X Formula (DA3X Formula)


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Paul Renner, CEO Dealmaker and owner of Dealmaker Academy released a copy of the Dealmaker Academy 3X Formula (DA3X Formula) to help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and CEOs.

“By releasing a copy of the Dealmaker Academy 3X Formula, I want to help fellow business owners focus on the best ways to increase their income in the current economic climate,” says Paul Renner, CEO Dealmaker Academy.

The DA3X Formula consists of 3 parts which are the ONLY 3 ways for a Dealmaker to help a business to make more money

These are:

1. Get more clients / customers into your business

This consists of increasing the number of leads into your business, improving the conversion rate of your offers and keeping your current customers content.

2. Increase the Average Transaction Size (ATS)

This consists of increasing your prices, upselling and cross-selling using a variety

3. Increase the Number of Transactions of your Clients (NTC)

OLD WAY: Currently sell once a year to a client

NEW WAY: Sell 2 x a year (every 6months) then profits =100% more
Sell 4 x a year (every 3 months) then profits = 400% more

Paul Renner, CEO Dealmaker explains, “when a customer pays $50 for a product once a year, the profit can be increased by 100% if you make 2 sales a year. If you sell a product every 3 months then the profit is $50+$50+$50+$50 = $200 which is 4 times more profit a year just by selling more items to your current customers.”

Experience has shown that most businesses focus on part one of the Dealmaker 3X Formula (DA3X Formula) which is to get more customers into your business. While that is one part, it is not the most effective. “Businesses spend lots of time and money chasing new customers when it would be more profitable to focus on their current clients”, says Mr. Renner. “By helping and working with current customers, businesses can create more profits and loyalty to their brand.”

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Paul Renner is a Dealmaker and Joint Venture (JV) Specialist who has founded several information based companies including, Dealmaker Academy and C6 Intelligence Information Systems, a financial information database used by international banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Paul is the author of “Becoming a Dealmaker - Business Negotiation Basics” available on and "Preventing Financial Instrument Fraud" - prepared with the ICC Commercial Crime Services, the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce.

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