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Deals Site BuzzRaid Expands Grocery and Finance Sections


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2012 -- The popular deals website has announced plans to expand their grocery coupons and personal finance sections. The site which already has a large coupon database featuring everything from Kohls coupons to Tracfone promo codes. The expansion of grocery and financial sections will take place over the next six months with many features going live today such as syndicated printable grocery coupons and personal finance tools as specified below in more detail.

The grocery coupons section of the website will syndicate grocery coupons by product with dozens of brands to start with including cereals, lunch meats, breads, and more. Each section will feature information on the product as well as syndicated coupons and deals from places like, national grocery stores, and from the manufacturer itself. All of the coupons will be printable with the exception of a few from grocery stores like Kroger where you will be able to upload the coupon directly to your Kroger card through their website. The grocery section will continue to expand with over two-hundred grocery products and stores in the stream ready to be published within the next six months.

On the finance side of the things the website is unveiling new section for personal finance tips, advice, news, and more. The section will be packed with information on how to live a more frugal lifestyle as well as advice on your mortgage, insurance, banking, credit cards, and more. Sections are already available on the website such as the best credit cards and credit score to buy a house with more content being added daily.

As the site expands the main goal of helping people save money and better manage their money stays the same. The goal of BuzzRaid is to break through the buzz of misinformation and help people save in every aspect of their lives. So no matter if you're going to the grocery store, booking a vacation, or choosing an insurance provider you can save with BuzzRaid.

About BuzzRaid
BuzzRaid is a consumer brand focuses on deals, coupon codes, and personal finance. The website has a coupon database which features thousands of coupons from hundreds of major retailers as well as niche online retailers. The sections have numerous ways to save including codes for a certain percent off the total to free shipping codes. The personal finance sections, including the blog, give tips, advice, and tools to be able to help make better choices with your finances from your mortgage to general savings.

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