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Dean Grasiozi Announces New Site to Address Customer Complaints

Dean Graziosi and Dean Enterprises are deeply committed to resolving, preventing and addressing complaints from any of our valued clients.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- Just like other successful names online, the name Dean Grasiozi has been the target of different kinds of smear campaign and false information drive. To put an end to misleading information, Dean Grasiozi has recently announced the setting up of a new website with the intent of dealing with complaints head-on. With a site primarily devoted to answering questions and issues regarding Dean Grasiozi’s products and services, customers get the answers and solutions in a fast manner.

Dean Grasiozi is a well-respected name when it comes to business and real estate investing. Though he is a real estate investor, Grasiozi is also a certified educator. For the past few years it has been his role to teach and guide enterprising individuals on how to make a fortune in the real estate business. To make this happen, he developed training programs and modules that can help the interested persons appreciate the real gems in the real estate market, understand the cycles in the industry and make money in the long run. He started from humble beginnings and rose from the ranks of hardworking real estate professionals. Thanks to these experiences, the trainings and learning materials are based on real life professional and personal experiences. In time he also dabbled into television and the web, thus making the name ‘Dean Grasiozi’ popular and highly influential. But with this development comes the usual problems- some customers and students no longer get equal attention and con artists try to ride the crest of popularity of a booming name. Dean Grasiozi understands all these and this is the reason why a new website is launched.

In a statement, Dean acknowledges that the growth of the business has been phenomenal and there will be times when some customers and students no longer get the quality attention that they expect. The site he says was created so that he will not miss anyone when it comes to the delivery of products, trainings and services. In a video posted on his official DG site, Dean admitted that “someone may fall into the cracks” and added that “I want to give people an outlet to find me and give me that information so we can fix it to make sure that I’m not missing out on anybody”.

But the worst thing that can happen is for some con artists to try and hi-jack the name and come up with bogus review websites putting the Dean Grasiozi name and services in a negative light. Since the name Dean Grasiozi has been popular for quite some time on television and the web, some enterprising people try to malign the name to attract traffic and in the process sell people with their own products and services.

These are real concerns online and Dean Grasiozi understands all these. To ensure that all students and customers are properly guided, the new website is established to serve as the hub for all customers to meet and submit their concerns. The Dean Grasiozni promise is immediate feedback within 24 hours. To learn more about this new website and how Team DG can help, contact Dean Grasiozi or check the website at

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Dean Grasiozi is a real estate investor and educator with years of experience in the field of real estate investing. He provides a number of training materials and services to students and enterprising individuals who want to earn in real estate.

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