DearMob Boosts 5KPlayer Usage on Windows 10 to Relay Windows Media Center Missing Functions


Chengdu, Sichuan -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2015 -- DearMob, Inc boosts 5KPlayer usage on Windows 10 to succeed the retired Windows Media Center. This freeware provides enhanced DVD playback function, download and play of 4K 8K UHD media files and video streaming support from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Windows 10 and from PC to Apple TV/8K display, giving instant solution on Windows 10.

5KPlayer approaches users this time with its new portfolio as a free Windows Media Center alternative to supply basic support to play DVD on Windows 10, download 4K 8K UHD video and AirPlay video music from and to Windows 10 PC and tablet. DearMob, the promising mobile software provider, sharpens 5KPlayer to fully bolster Microsoft platform continuity proposed in WPC 2015. Footed on previous success on Windows 7 and Windows 8, 5KPlayer showcases its proficiency again to relay Windows Media Center major utilities.

DVD playback demand on daily basis is cut away from users with the demise of Windows Media Center. Despite the promise from Microsoft officials that alternative software to play DVD on Windows 10 will be available, sometime in 2015, the promise remains yet to fulfill. For 5KPlayer, DVD video play on Windows 10 is a major business but for Microsoft as a whole, only a market branch under risk analysis.

In terms of 8k resolution on Windows 10, which 5KPlayer deems to be the upcoming majority, has received all-round support from this freeware: Capabilities to download, stream and play 4K 5K 8K UHD videos are seeing constant upgrades. With Windows 10 announcement of native support for 8K, 5KPlayer spearheads to be the first mature response to download and play Quad UHD videos.

Before 5KPlayer unveils AirPlay streaming from Windows 10, the connection between Windows Media Center and extender devices were tethered to HDMI ports. The introduction of AirPlay-based video and music streaming from and to Windows 10 devices surpassed the physical restrictions to render streaming quality superior to WMC, with AirPlay function climbing to the NO.1 frequency of usage in seasonal add-up.

A resilient response to Windows 10 new missions proposed on WPC 2015 brings about reasonable expectation for this free Windows Media Center alternative, given that its forerunner has suspended technical upgrades since 2012.

Windows 10 cross-platform continuity is better rendered with 5KPlayer video music AirPlay. On WPC 2015, Xbox streaming to Windows 10 Xbox App is fully demonstrated to define the cross-platform continuity among PC, Xbox One and other Windows devices. With game streaming from Xbox to Windows 10 made possible with a USB cable, video music streaming is still impossible without 5KPlayer installed on a Windows 10 PC.

5KPlayer as a professional free Windows Media Center alternative on Windows 10 is keen on two appointments: For one, to blend the old-but-good utility of Windows Media Center that Microsoft no longer works on for decreased profit; for another, to innovate the state-of-the-art functions that Windows 10 keeps updating on OS level, and it can do on software level.

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5KPlayer is totally free and clean. Now the Version 2.2 for Windows and version 2.4 for Mac are available for download at

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