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Death by Captcha Explains How Leaky CAPTCHA Prompted the Discovery of Anonymous Website

There are a number of simple applications that can bypass CAPTCHA one at a time. Most of them tend to crack CAPTCHA codes in a matter of seconds.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Silk Road is an online market place, which was operated by Tor hidden service, which allows online users to browse the site anonymously without the threat of online traffic monitoring. It was October of last year when the FBI took down the site, which was considered as a black market and drug bazaar. Most security experts and privacy activists in the US argue on how the FBI was able to determine the geographic location of the Silk Road web servers when those should have been hidden with the use of an anonymity service Tor. However, based on the court documents released from the FBI, the site’s true location was brought about by the site’s login page with an anti-abuse CAPTCHA service that pulled content from the Internet.

Tor as an anonymity tool functions by using different Internet servers to hide the website’s identity. What happened on the Silk Road website was that the IP address was leaked through the user login interface. A part of the Silk Road log-in screen where the CAPTCHA is prompted appeared. Based on the statement released by the FBI agent, “Based on my training and experience, this indicated that the subject IP Address was the IP Address of the Silk Road server, and that it was ‘leaking’ from the SR server because the computer code underlying the login interface was not properly configured at the time to work on Tor.”

Thus Tor works perfectly well to hide a site’s identity only if it was configured accurately. It had been said that being anonymous online is really hard work even for those who have been working on it for years. But since the Silk Road’s location was leaked due to CAPTCHA codes, it is a good way to start by assessing if the website really requires codes to be able to have users to login. If it is not necessary to use CAPTCHA then it is best to use bypasscaptcha tools to protect a website’s location.

There are a number of simple applications that can bypass CAPTCHA one at a time. Most of them tend to crack CAPTCHA codes in a matter of seconds. These tools provides way on how to stop CAPTCHA from popping up on each and every login to make sure sensitive and secured data will not be disclosed to any outside agencies which may cause information to be leaked to the public. These bypasscaptcha mechanisms can also save a business’ time by simply logging in on a website without the effort of figuring out the images appearing on the login page. However, it is important to take note that privacy is indeed important on each and every business, more so is the protection of information available to the public, which CAPTCHA should secure and protect. Thus, bypasscaptcha researches and programs must be used for legal purposes to uphold and promote security and technology through the Internet.

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