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Death by Captcha Reveals How CAPTCHA Bypass Is Being Done with 99.8% Accuracy

Since CAPTCHAs are still part of the process of logging in to some websites, it is advisable to get a CAPTCHA Bypass solving service that answers CAPTCHAs 99 percent of the time.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- With the constantly changing advancement in technology, specifically the technology behind the internetcomes the dilemma in distinguishing human computer-users from that of robots trying to log-in to different sites to send messages and other types of information to any user across the globe. A Turing test had been created to minimize spam messages being sent by robots.

CAPTCHA which is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, is a type of a challenge-response test wherein computer users are being asked to type in the words or numbers embedded in an image. Some images are pictures taken via satellites through Google maps that make it hard to be deciphered by computers.

CAPTCHA as a type of user identification procedure had received numerous criticisms especially from groups of people with disability as well as from people who think that CAPTCHA had been slowing their daily work routine. Most think that words embedded in CAPTCHAs are really difficult to decipher even by people without any disabilities.

Because of these issues, many have developed tools implementing CAPTCHA Bypass to resolve log-in difficulties caused by this Turing test. The algorithm used by Google researchers is being used to improve Google Maps. According to Google, the algorithm they created now accurately recognizes 90 percent of street numbers on buildings via Google CAPTHA’s, even Google’s own CAPTCHA service, re-CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA which normally functions as a form of security and protection for internet users are unsafe anymore. In fact some internet users think that these puzzles just consume too much time and do not help in differentiating humans from robots anymore. Based on recent research, 280 CAPTCHAs are being solved on a daily basis. CAPTCHA does not guarantee a 100 per cent protection for an application anymore.

An online article written by columnist Bill Snyder, a few years ago, researchers from Stanford University created a program called DECAPTCHA. This program was able to bypass 66 percent of CAPTCHAs on Visa’s authorized payment sites. It also bypassed almost 77 percent for Blizzard Entertainment websites and 25 percent on Wikipedia and CNN as well as eBay. This old program had not been available for the public’s consumption. However, there are other programs available for the public at a much less cost.

Since CAPTCHAs are still part of the process of logging in to some websites, it is advisable to get a CAPTCHA Bypass solving service that answers CAPTCHAs 99 percent of the time. There are other CAPTCHA Bypass tools available online at affordable prices. These are for those who do not want to be bothered by numerous tests every time they try to log-in to different websites. There are even some programs that do not accept payment if a particular CAPTCHA is left unsolved.

As a conclusion, CAPTCHAs are still here to stay whether they receive a lot of criticisms or praises in protecting human being’s daily internet lives. They might get a bit complicated or simple as time goes by, however, it is important to take note that although numerous programs and tools are present in CAPTCHA Bypass, it should only be used on important research projects and not on illegal means. Afterall, no matter how simple or difficult it is to resolve a CAPTCHA, it is there to protect not harm.

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