Debbie Dogrul Associates Explains when Homeowners Should Start Planning for a House Sale


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- There are many different reasons that a family may decide to sell their house, so every home selling process will be unique and different. Sometimes, this is what can make the process of a home sale a stressful experience; because there is not a definite set of rules, or a concrete timeline, that will work just right for everyone. Debbie Dogrul Associates, located in Fairfax, Va., offers the following tips for planning for the sale of your home.

Before beginning, it's important to consider one's home-selling priorities. Those who are selling their home and moving because they have accepted a new job may have a need to sell the home as quickly as possible. In this case, one may wish to contact your Realtor at Debbie Dogrul Associates and list their home as soon as possible. Typically, a home selling process begins several months before the home is actually sold. As such, it is important to be patient.

Those who have already started the process of selling their home should try to look at their home through the eyes of a buyer. What needs to be fixed, cleaned, and/or repaired? Working with a professional stager is becoming a more and more popular option. A stager is an expert in making your home appear appealing to prospective buyers, in order to maximize the space of your home and emphasize its positive attributes.

The best time to sell, however, is simply that time which best suits the current owner. While spring time is an active period to sell houses, by the time June rolls around, historically only about 55% of the houses in Fairfax County that will sell in a year have been sold. From July to December, there are still another 45% of the houses on which buyers will make offers. Homeowners here are fortunate to live in a robust housing market because of our strong employment market.

Even during the holidays home buyers may be looking to close on a home before the end of the year in order to claim the mortgage costs on their tax return, so it is possible to find someone who is quite serious about buying quickly. As such, while spring is certainly an active time for buyers, a home can and often is sold during other seasons of the year. A good Realtor will be ready to make the selling process as smooth and pain-free as possible, regardless of the time of year.

In almost all cases, it is best to list your home as far in advance as possible. Remember that the process of selling a Virginia home involves attracting a buyer, negotiating a contract and settlement date, and then hunting for your new home. So, whenever possible, it is best to plan in advance and allow plenty of time for the home selling process.

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