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Debi Voris Shares Healthy Lifestyle Tips with the Wright Place TV Show


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2017 -- Creating a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. If you just go with the flow, it's easy to wind up, unhealthy, out of shape and with low energy. Debi Voris found a way to go from obese to a healthy weight and more importantly, she was able to stay at that healthy weight. On the Wright Place TV Show, Debi will share her journey to lasting health.

"Entrepreneurs must be healthy and energetic to create the business they want to have. Without your health you have nothing. Debi's journey will inspire the viewers to make healthy changes in their lives." Says Producer and host Dr. Letitia Wright. In 2014 the adult obesity rate was almost 30%. Over 66% of shoppers want to make healthier choices. Debi Voris will talk about how to make better choices. A healthy diet will make radical changes to your health and your ability to do business.

"As you focus on a vision for health, you will find that you need tools to help you get there." Says Debi Voris. Voris is going to share her secrets to success in the area of health on The Wright Place TV Show.

You can find Debi Voris at or you can call her at 657-464-7393.