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DeBianchi Real Estate Reaches Social Media Milestone


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- DeBianchi Real Estate, a South Florida real estate group, has reached a significant milestone in its social media campaign, having rapidly garnered over 2,800 Twitter followers. This accomplishment validates the group’s energetic utilization of the internet and new media in order to improve its customer service.

The Twitter account was launched for the purpose of better connecting DeBianchi Real Estate to its clients, serving as an additional venue through which users can seek and receive assistance. Subscribers are thus able to view highlighted properties, market updates, company services, and other vital information that is regularly posted on the account. The profile also allows for direct feedback and commentary by DeBianchi followers, which will further assist the firm in addressing the needs of its clients.

The social media platform was launched in response to the growing use of the internet as a tool for marketing and exposure, providing organic growth and considerable visibility. Additionally, an increasing number of homebuyers have utilized the web as a tool for finding properties and real estate services; in light of this development, DeBianchi Real Estate has explicitly sought to provide the most innovative and topical approaches to customer service. Analysts anticipate that her firm will grow quickly from this strategy.

About DeBianchi Real Estate
DeBianchi Real Estate was founded by Samantha DeBianchi, a prominent realtor with a background in hospitality and a noted enthusiasm for real estate and client engagement. She is a major source on Fort Lauderdale Real Estate and has subsequently been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, FOX News, FOX Business, AOL, and Yahoo.