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Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Reveals New Professional Techniques for the Proper Cleaning of Jewelry


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Deborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers has just revealed new professional techniques for the proper cleaning of jewelry. For any type of jewelry, the proper care needs to be taken in order to have long lasting, stunning pieces of jewelry no matter what stone, gem, pearl or diamond it may be. Some people think that because diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances and known to be the brightest sparkling jewelry pieces out there that they can’t age. However, that is not the case, they can lose there shine, luster and appear dull if not properly cleaned. Deborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers reveal the proper care for precious stones and what items to avoid and use when it comes to cleaning.

With over 35 years of experience making custom jewelry designs, Deborah Finn knows how important one of a kind engagement rings or even redesigning custom jewelry is; and by prolonging its beauty for years to come, they can be passed down from generation to generation. Even by coming in contact with oils, lotions, and skin it can cause the precious diamond or stone to collect dirt, causing it to lose its visual appeal. Deborah Finn, the jeweler of Philadelphia, recommends wiping down the jewelry with a clean, delicate soft cloth, giving it the ability to restore its natural shine.

Different types of jewelry require different cleaning methods. For precious gems, after being cleaned carefully, Deborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers recommends storing it in a soft pouch. By keeping them away from anything harsh such as cleaning products, chemicals or salt water will help prevent them from looking beat up. Prevent the precious diamonds and stones from losing their sparkle and shine with the proper precautions given by Deborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers. All diamond and colored stone jewelry should be brought in to have the setting checked for wear and security and cleaned twice a year, whereas with gold a diluted version of detergent in warm water can be used to clean with a smooth cloth to bring back its shine. Every stone is different and requires the appropriate care and older pieces should be brought in to restore them to their original beauty, so contact Deborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers for a cleaning and upkeep.

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Deborah Finn has been a jewelry expert for over 35 years. With precision care of all her jewelry she has maintained a great following over the years. Being in the heart of Philadelphia, Deborah Finn’s store in Rittenhouse Square is a great location when in the city, close to many great shops and restaurants. Come visit her today to see what she has in store, or bring her any ideas that you may have for any custom or specialized jewelry. She can do it all.

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