Debt Consolidation Service Announces Release of Brand New Website


Yucca Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for reliable debt consolidation programs, Credit Card Help is announcing the release of their brand new website,

According to a recent study by money magazine, the number of people who are struggling with credit card debt is increasing at an alarming rate. With the unemployment rate expected to hit 16% in 2011, people with excessive credit card bills are looking for reputable sources to reduce their debt once and for all.

One of the common mistakes people make with their credit cards is paying the minimum balance on a month to month basis. This keeps them locked in debt, and they are essentially paying the credit card companies to hold their balance without penalties. Needless to say, this is an ineffective way to manage money. At best, people pay off their credit cards while giving a huge chunk of money to the credit card companies; at worst, they keep the same balance for years and never put a dent into the amount owed.

Credit Card Help offers a debt consolidation program that gets people lower minimum payments and interest rates so they can put their money towards the actual balance owed on their credit cards.

Credit Card Help has already helped thousands of people get out of debt with their credit counseling services. They can help consumers lower their finance charges, get lower interest rates on their credit cards, lower their minimum payments, and set up payment systems that help them get out of debt fast.

Some of the common debts that Credit Card Help offer to help alleviate include: credit card debt, collection accounts, department store cards, medical bills, repossessions, unsecured loans and lines of credit.

Derrick S, who had $17,000 in debt, comments: “In early 2011 I came to your website looking for help on $17,000 in debt I owed. After speaking with Nick, I was able to enroll in a debt settlement program. This program got my debt cut down to a fraction of what I owed. Since I just received my tax return I was able to pay off the amount right away.”

This sentiment seems to be shared with all of Credit Card Help’s clients. More than helping them get out of debt once and for all; they help them get their lives back. To learn more about Credit Card Help, or to see how they have already helped thousands of people get out of debt, please visit: