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Debt Free Magazine Launches with Mission to Change Financial Culture

Debt Free Magazine launches to offer advice on finding additional income, spending less and managing finance to conquer and eliminate debt based lifestyles.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Living with debt is a reality for a large proportion of people who live in the western world, but not all. The difference between those who manage to avoid debt and those who are trapped by it largely run along a variety of other factors, but those who escape from being trapped by debt once caught are rare. Their successes have inspired the Debt Free Magazine ( to offer lifestyle and financial advice on money management to help individuals become debt free, and begin a new life of prosperity.

The magazine hosts editorial content on topics such as financial counselors, finance management apps for mobile phones, spending plans and credit card transfers to help individuals manage and stay on top of debt. The magazine also looks at how to reduce debt through budgeting with things like saving on energy, clothes, groceries and accessories.

The site has a truly worldwide focus, and covers financial news across the US, UK, Australia and more, while including advice on finding additional income, spending less and managing finances all available from the sidebar.

A spokesperson for Debt Free Magazine explained, “Debt is a culture, and it’s a culture that has developed as a result of finance companies manipulating human nature to their own advantage. If someone says you can have immediate gratification and pay for it later, that’s incredibly appealing to our base instincts, which often get the better of our sensibilities. However, in places like Germany, debt culture is far less prevalent, and people save to invest in things. Louis CK made a very incisive observation when he talked about renting a life from the bank that they can take away any time, and how that affects our satisfaction in life. By helping people change this lifestyle on an individual basis, we hope to contribute to a cultural revolution away from financial shackles.”

About Debt Free Magazine
Debt Free Magazine is a new online presence dedicated to helping people get their debt under control, manage their finances more effectively, help them cut their spending and work their way to debt-free living. While for many users the initial focus is on debt management and reduction, the site also encourages people to aim for their full potential, developing skills that will help them earn more and enjoy a more rewarding life as a result. Repeat readers will find all the information they need to go from debt to prosperity. For more information, please visit: