Debt Management Companies: A Necessary Evil?

If someone gets over his head in debt, what should he do? He could try to get out of it himself. He might want to look into a debt management company. Both ideas work. The following will look at both of these options so that folks understand that there is a choice.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Even the best debt management companies aren’t any more able to improve a person’s debt than the person herself. There is nothing one of these companies can do that an individual cannot do on her own. In order to manage her debt, all she has to do is start paying it off. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

It really can be, despite what others may say. The first step in the debt-free journey is to gather up documentation of every debt she is carrying. Put the debt in order of priority, whether it’s from highest-interest rate down or lowest amount owed to highest. Addressing the debt one at a time, begin to pay them off. Before much time has passed, there will be no debt left. Of course, if a person had the money to pay off her debts, she would already have done it, right? To make some extra money to pay off debt with, try picking up a second job and using its entire paycheck to get rid of debt. She might also ask for a little help from family members or friends. Perhaps there is equity in her home. If so, she could borrow it and eradicate her debt. Taking a loan from her IRA at work can be useful for debt repayment, also.

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If she prefers to work with a debt management company, she would be wise to do a bit of research on several of them. While most of these businesses are really trying to help their customers, some of them are fraudulent corporations set up by con artists to steal money. To tell which is which, here are some signs that the company one is looking at is fake. If the business representative asks for up-front fees, stop talking to him. If one receives offers of help over the Internet and these offers require personal information, leave the site. Any suspicious attempts to get one’s personal data should be ignored.

There are a few things the best debt management companies do for their clients. They advocate on their client’s behalf, talking with the creditors to whom money is owed. They also help set up more affordable payment plans, often getting a longer term to repay the debt. They also aim to get the principal of a debt reduced., an online marketing firm located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, has more information to share on this topic.