DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com Continues to Monitor the Down US Economic Numbers


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- As the US economy continues its slow decline the experts at DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com continue to monitor this situation closely. Last month, the early bankruptcy filing numbers for 2012 were released and show a slight decline to 1.3 million Americans filing for bankruptcy this year. This is down from the approximate 1.5 million of 2011 and a record 1.6 million back in 2010. Some are saying that this is a trend that shows an economic recovery, but the experts at DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com believe that this is happening due to the increase of available credit being pushed out into the markets. Back in 2008, banks withdrew credit to most Americans because of the financial meltdown that happened in 2007. As they were scrambling to cover their bases they wanted to eliminate any possible liability by restructuring credit amounts of American consumers. Taking this into consideration, DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com is keeping a close watch on the unemployment numbers also. Last week, the government released an unemployment report that showed a decline in new claims dropping the unemployment rate from 7.9% to 7.7%. While this sounds very positive, many question the validity of the quality of jobs that are being placed. There is a large number of Americans that are now on the “discouraged worker” list. A “discouraged worker” is one that has been looking for work for more than a year and no longer receiving unemployment insurance. If this group was included the rate of unemployment would close to double.

After looking at all the facts, DFBA is continuing to expand its bankruptcy news and information website to serve a large number of Americans considering filing bankruptcy. They believe the economic numbers just don't add up and think this might be the calm before the storm. Americans should keep a close watch on their finances and not let their guard down in this fragile economy. Now that the elections have passed the US can expect to see many legislative changes and tax increases. There have been many articles written on the DBFA website regarding the matter.

Many economists are predicting many tough years ahead due to record inflation, high gas prices and a sluggish housing market. Americans should take the bull by the horns and be proactive when it comes to financial matters even if that includes filing bankruptcy. Although the number of Americans filing for bankruptcy has declined over the last couple years, DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com believes that 2013 will once again bring an increase in filings. With the new health care plan that goes into effect in 2013, many companies are now talking about laying off large numbers of their employees or in the least cutting their hours to absorb the cost. With all this bad economic news, this is a cocktail for financial disaster.

The people at DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com value their reputation as being a professional company with the highest standards of customer care. DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com was created with the idea of combining the latest technology and information to give the average American an opportunity to be educated on the ever-changing complicated bankruptcy code. After receiving an education the individual will have a leg up when consulting a bankruptcy attorney regarding their financial situation. The main goal of DFBA since its inception is to put as many Americans as possible on the road to becoming debt-free by connecting them with a bankruptcy attorney for advice. The people at DFBA understand the sensitivity of the issue and offer an easy to fill out bankruptcy evaluation form that will put them in touch with a bankruptcy attorney in their area. For those that like the convenience of using the phone, there is a 24/7 toll-free number that will put the individual in touch with a live operator. DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com has committed themselves to helping Americans regain their vision of the American dream and peace of mind for a debt free future.

DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com is a California Limited Liability Company formed with the assistance of experienced attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals, all dedicated to the idea that the average person should be able to easily access a local bankruptcy attorney for a FREE Evaluation of their specific financial situation. If you need legal advice, then only a bankruptcy lawyer can help you. For assistance with your bankruptcy filing options, DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com is your answer. We are a Christian-based company with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

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