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Debunking the Pressure of the Deadline: Serge Benhayon on Living in Cycles and the Nature of Time


Goonellabah, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Do you have enough time to read this article? If the answer is no, then it is probably the best thing you could read. Right now.

Why? Because it is about time. The time you think you never have.

In early August, 200 plus people filled the Leichhardt Town Hall to hear Author and Philosopher Serge Benhayon present on the nature of time and our relationship with it.

The result was a revelatory 3 hours in which time stood still, quite literally. Simply because, as Serge Benhayon explained, it always has…

"Time is a static marker, it is through our movement that we come to know time. The planet spins (moves) around the sun. This movement gives us a measure of a change in time."

So time stays still and we circle around the sun. And every day we come back to the same place – 8pm to 8pm, Sunday to Sunday, dawn to dusk and back again.

Serge Benhayon likened it to a fish swimming around in a fish bowl. "It swims around and around the bowl but it is not going anywhere."

So why then do we talk in 'timelines' and 'deadlines' instead of 'cyclical revolutions'?

Do we really get that we are going nowhere? That we are forever returning to the same point?

And why do we feel 'time pressures' so acutely?

Serge explains, "If you live in the perception that time 'is getting away' or that you have to 'race against time', you are trying to beat an imaginary enemy."

"Time can't get away from you. If by the time the clock reached 4pm you were still sitting back at 2pm, then you would have a problem. But that is not how it works. At 4pm, there you will be at 4pm. Time is always right there with us".

Serge further explained that when we are consumed by the false perception that time is running out, "we create a tension and a stress which exhausts us" this then makes us feel as though there is 'never enough time,' when in fact we simply didn't have enough presence.

A presence, he said, which is naturally powerful. If we are uncomfortable with our power, we will choose to fill our time with overwhelm instead.

Through 'conscious presence' we can change our relationship with time.

Conscious presence, is "simply the ability to keep your mind focussed on what the body is doing as you do it," Serge Benhayon shared. From there, "you know yourself for your quality of presence and that brings a spaciousness to each moment."

"Time becomes experienced as space."

If Serge Benhayon is any example – a man with 8 books released in about as many years, 4 adult children and a busy clinic – it also means more productivity. "When time is space there is the space to do a lot more than you would have imagined possible."

Serge Benhayon's Book Time, the first in a series called Time, Space and all of us, is available through Unimed Publishing

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