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Debut 'Dark Fairy-Tale' Novel Brings Fantasy Back to the Forefront

From author Alexandra Meyering, ‘The Angel of Elydria’ is the first in a dazzling new series titled ‘The Dawn Mirror Chronicles’. Illustrated by comic book artist Margaux Kindhauser, the novel is a vibrant blend of the steampunk and fantasy genres, with complex characters, richly drawn relationships and a reluctant heroine for the ages in Penny Fairfax.


Valencia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Harry Potter has performed his final spell. Katniss has shot her last arrow. Fans of the fantasy genre are looking to the future and asking – what’s next?

Enter, ‘The Angel of Elydria’, the thrilling first part of a new series by Alexandra Meyering. Eager to make her mark, Meyering has done more than just written a book. She has constructed a new world.

The action begins with heroine Penny Fairfax, a college student who becomes trapped on Elydria, a sister-world to Earth. With her professor by her side, Penny unlocks a hidden skill – the ability to manipulate dreams. Haunted by malevolent specters and in a race against time, Penny must navigate a dangerous landscape and solve a mystery that threatens to destroy Elydria for good.

While writing, Meyering wasn’t interested in the tired tropes of her genre, nor was she willing to ride the coattails of other authors. “I like to put my own spin on things,” she says. “I developed a unique system of magic that involves the recycling of magic between worlds. I reimagined fantasy races like elves, goblins, faeries and more. It was exhilarating.”

‘The Angel of Elydria’ will enthrall readers with its unique 19th century aesthetic, gripping prose and haunting portrayal of a world teetering on the edge of annihilation.

After the strangest day of her life, college student Penny Fairfax finds herself stranded in Elydria, a sister-world to Earth, with only her college professor beside her. Her professor, Hector Arlington, reveals himself to be the sole-survivor of a distant world that has met an apocalyptic end. The two quickly find trouble, and for Penny this means death. In a stroke of luck, she is revived from the edge of peril, only to find that has the power to manipulate the dreams of others. This enables her to unlock hidden secrets from the past, as well as create vivid illusions. However, this new gift comes with a cost- she is now being haunted by a malicious specter with an iron funeral mask for a face. Now Penny must escape its wicked intentions for her, solve the mystery that is bringing havoc to the world of Elydria, and get home without meeting death for a second time.

As the author explains, writing the novel helped to pull her through darkness in her own life.

“I have suffered alone, and I know how heartbreaking that can be,” says Meyering. “The reason I became an author was so I could reach out to others and show them that I care through my stories. I think fantasy novels have the unique ability to get fans involved in their worlds like no other genre. There’s a sense of community you just won’t find anywhere else.”

Since its publication, ‘The Angel of Elydria’ has earned glowing reviews from readers.

Michael Mondok wrote: “You really should give this book a read, and keep your eyes out for this author in the future. She is a fantastic writer and this is a phenomenal book. A+.”

“You must read this exciting fantasy about a young lady and the friends she makes along the way. The lands they travel through offer them exciting and dangerous adventures. I was surprised and excited at the direction the story line was going. The final destination of this unlikely group of friends is unexpected! What an entertaining book! It reminded me of a Harry Potter-esque type of story,” wrote Cheryl Sanders

“The Angel of Elydria is in turns creepy, beautiful, heartwarming, heartrending, exciting, and magical. This is the new “Harry Potter” for the next generation. If I could give it six stars, I would,” wrote Raleigh
Not content to rest on her laurels, Meyering is hard at work with the rest of the ‘Dawn Mirror Chronicles.’

“I hope the other installments "Eden Undone", "The Bonds of Beatrice Langford", and "Nelvirna Sleeps" will be released within the next few years. The culmination of the series is something totally unique and has the potential to revolutionize fantasy. After that – who knows? I think the possibilities with this series are endless.”

‘The Angel of Elydria’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1b5rryZ

About Alexandra R. Meyering
Alexandra R. Meyering is a substitute teacher and a graduate of English from University of California Santa Barbara with a specialization in Victorian and Neo-Victorian literature. She is a mythology, fantasy, Steampunk, Lolita fashion, teatime, and pug enthusiast. Her novel The Angel of Elydria is the first of the series The Dawn Mirror Chronicles. Look for the second installment Eden Undone; the novella The Bonds of Beatrice Langford; and the completion of the main trilogy Nelvirna Sleeps. Alexandra is also the author of a dark fantasy novel, Unreal City.

You can find out more and listen to her album of original songs (some written for The Dawn Mirror Chronicles) on her website, www.ARmeyering.com or follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.