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Debut Novel Explores Hidden Dramas in Office Environment

Written by CJ Vaughn, ‘Office Drama: The Story Never Ends’ is an addictively-funny look into one couple’s marriage and what they do to keep things spicy.


Rosharon, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Anyone who works in corporate America will know this simple fact: there is more drama happening in the average office than on most popular soap operas.

For CJ Vaughn, author of ‘Office Drama: The Story Never Ends’, this landscape of recrimination, jealousy and secrets was fertile ground for her imagination. As a fan of writers like Stephen King, Vaughn had always wanted to pen horror stories, until one day she realized that the most entertaining tales were proceeding all around her.

“I’ve spent many years working in an office environment,” says Vaughn. “It really is unbelievable what goes on – and I knew it would make for a fantastic series of books.”

‘Office Drama: The Story Never Ends’ follows an ordinary marriage between two workers who keep their pillow talk entertaining by sharing their day-to-day office shenanigans. Soon, the couple finds that they are avoiding the deeper issue: the lurking threat in their own relationship.

Readers will be fascinated by this sexy, amusing and emotional tale of regular people doing irregular things and the lengths we will go to, to avoid discussing our real issues with the ones we love.


I have always heard that communication is the key to any marriage. Digital and I have found a way to make our pillow talk very juicy. Laughing about all the crazy issues that happens on our jobs makes for great conversation. It also helps avoid the drama brewing within our house. Not dealing with our problems has allowed for the past to creep up and make an attempt to hurt what we thought was a strong foundation. My drama and your drama go hand in hand. What story do you find yourself in?

As the author explains, writing her book was more than just a labor of love – it was a lifelong wish come true.

“I have wanted to write since I was a young girl,” says Vaughn. “Growing up, I allowed a regular job to interfere with those dreams. I think many people will be able to relate to that. We’re told we have to get a ‘real job’ and forget about our fantasies.”

Continuing: “My own story has been full of drama, so with my book, I wanted to express what some might think is a ‘sad story’ in a funny way. It’s my therapy! It helps me to look beyond my past and get excited for my future. It’s my sincere belief that the possibilities for my series are endless – I can’t wait to see where my characters go next!”

‘Office Drama: The Story Never Ends’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fk2Irn

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About Clarita Vaughn
Clarita Vaughn has always had a love for reading and writing. She used writing as an outlet in all situations. Her favorite authors include but are not limited to Stephen King, Ann Rice and Keri Arthur. She always wanted to write a horror story, but after being in the corporate environment for so many years, she had plenty of material to work with. Her goal is to mix up her writing genres and hope that everyone enjoys her stories.