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Deception of an Old Friend: Ravishing Debut Novel from Tish Maverick Fuses Lies and Deceit with Explicit Lust

The first book in the ‘For Old Time Sake’ series introduces readers to Tasha, who invites readers to join her on an explicit journey through her quest to become successful. When she starts running into old High School girlfriends for all of the wrong reasons, will her desire for lust prevail over her promise to keep her friends close?


Saint Cloud, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Saint Cloud, FL –While the name Tish Maverick is new to the literary scene, those reading her prose won’t soon forget her ability to leave palms sweating and the heart beating just a little bit faster. In her debut series, ‘For Old Time Sake’, friendship and lust cross dangerous boundaries to meld into one messy yet exciting affair.

‘Deception of an Old Friend’ is the series’ first volume, soon to be released in collaboration with AuthorHouse.


Tasha is a free spirit that chooses to live her life with no commitments. Her desire for sexual encounters make all the men lust for her every need.

The first book of the series, will keep your curiosity to what will happen next. This book is book one of the series For Old Time Sake. This explicit sexual romance novel leaves you only wanting more.

Full of lust, deception and true love.

As the author explains, her series has an intriguing premise.

“It’s centered around five girlfriends who make a pact at graduation that they will work hard to become successful businesswomen and stay best friends at the same time. As the years go by, they all begin to run into each other and this acts as a catalyst for deception, lies and betrayal,” says Maverick.

Continuing, “There are multiple twists and turns. Friendships begin to fall apart and readers will become privy to all of the raunchy reasons why. It’s certainly a book for open-minded readers.”

While the Erotica genre is booming, Maverick hopes her depictions of sex are some of the most realistic and non-cliché’ available.

“Most erotica seems to be embedded with narratives that are either unrealistic or plain implausible. My sex is just sex – realistic and with no holds barred. This will hopefully evoke powerful images in readers’ minds and I hope it provides them with equal pleasure!” she adds.

With the book expected to be in high demand, the author is busy completing volumes two and three. ‘Resentment of an Old Friend’ and ‘Lies and Betrayals of Old Friends’ are due for release in the coming months.

In the meantime, ‘Deception of an Old Friend’ will be available imminently.

For more information, visit the author’s official website (still under construction): http://tishmaverick.com.

The author can also be found on social media, just search for ‘Tish Maverick’.

About the Author: Tish
Tish is originally from Florida. She has always been very passionate about writing and has finally taken the leap of faith to start her first book Deception of An Old Friend. For years her husband had told her to take the time and write. Always putting her family first, she never found the time until now.

Tish has been married for 9 years. She has 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Tish’s desire to write has unleashed her vivid imagination. Her passion is to express the most desirable characters that want to lure you in for more.

Tish would like to be known for leaving her audiences in suspense with her cliff-hanger endings while fulfilling every dream each character desires.