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Deckcraft Custom Decks Announces Vinyl Deck Design


Honey Brook, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Among deck builders there are two styles that dominate the industry. On the one hand are the traditionalists, builders who still insist on constructing decks out of wood because that is the way they were taught to do it. The other side of the argument are those builders who are using modern vinyl deck designs. These decks are maintenance free and they will last a lifetime. For years Deckcraftcustomdecks has been a leader in deck design in Pennsylvania, and they are proud to announce their line of vinyl decks.

The biggest problem that homeowners have with wooden decks is the upkeep. Wood will warp and fade over time, even if the wood is treated. That means every year or two the homeowner has to come back and make adjustments to the deck in order to keep it looking good. In addition, wood splinters, and children and adults can injure themselves on the deck if they run exposed skin over the area. At Deckcraftcustomdecks they install vinyl decks that do not have these problems. Because the color is treated when the vinyl is created, the color will never fade from the deck. Vinyl does not splinter, so there is no need to worry that people running barefoot on the deck will injure themselves. Finally, the vinyl is exceptionally easy to clean and it will not stain the same way that a wooden deck will. Over time vinyl decks maintain their look, making them the only choice for modern decks.

Deckcraftcustomdecks has all styles of decks to meet almost any budget. Customers can find examples of the decks at, from premium materials, to more affordable materials, along with other non-traditional options, such as pergolas or gazebos. All of the work done by Deckcraftcustomdecks carries a lifetime limited warranty on the craftsmanship, so homeowners can feel confident that they are getting the best work that Deckcraftcustomdecks can provide.

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