Deduplication Software Release from WinPure


Berkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- WinPure Ltd, a worldwide leading provider of data cleansing and deduplication software, has  today released Clean & Match 2013.

WinPure Clean & Match 2013 is the latest deduping software edition, following on from the successful Clean & Match 2012. It will quickly search through lists or databases and report any duplicate records that it can find. Already acclaimed for its simple-to-use interface and powerful data matching functions, this new version offers faster and more accurate data deduplication via improved fuzzy matching algorithms.

Clean & Match 2013 is a powerful de-duplication software tool that contains advanced algorithms including phonetic and fuzzy matching to detect and highlight duplicate records. Some of its powerful dedupe features include selecting the fuzzy matching threshold, defining the specific column types and even cross matching columns to identify more duplicated records across single or multiple datasets. Once the matches have been found it also contains powerful options to delete or merge purge the duplicated records.

Data cleansing and record matching can be a difficult task for new users but WinPure have simplified this even further on Clean & Match 2013. New users can quickly perform some powerful data matching and merge purge tasks and remove duplicated records within minutes of using this powerful deduplication software.

Using this affordable data de-duping software tool, businesses can truly benefit from duplicate free data and thus enable better informed decision making and have less marketing postage costs.

To learn more about how this software can save your business time and money and to download a free evaluation version of the software visit

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WinPure are a worldwide leading provider of deduplication and dedupe software solutions that are powerful, easy to use, affordable and most importantly can be used by anyone rather than just data quality specialists. WinPure software products are relied upon by thousands of international companies, non profit & government agencies, educational organizations and individuals in over 40 countries from around the world.

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