Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC Offering the Best-Quality Mattresses to Protect the Sleepers from EMF Waves

Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading is providing premium WHISPER mattresses that not only help the sleepers in getting a relaxed and stress-free sleep but also protect them from harmful electronic waves.


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2019 -- Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading offers top-quality sleeping products, including its WHISPER mattresses and pillows. The retailer has an online shop from where its customers can get premium products, which are the culmination of decades of research and feedback from sleepers around the world. WHISPER mattresses are made for people to be healthier, feel happier, and wake up refreshed and recharged. Over 30 years, material engineers developed the technology, fabrics, and revolutionary foam that make up the WHISPER mattresses and pillows today.

In the latest personal interview, the spokesperson of Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading shared, "Our products are available online in Dubai and the UAE. WHISPER mattresses come with a 12-year warranty, along with a 100-night, risk-free trial. Our products were created to be superior to others but at a price point that is accessible to a CEO, as well as their assistant. These mattresses feature a thermo-regulating fabric that is mixed with open-cell foams to keep the sleeper cool and cozy in the Dubai heat."

The WHISPER mattress is made out of very high-quality dynamic foams that are adjustable in comfort and medically certified. Open-cell foams allow heat and sweat to escape. The Quantum foam is breathable, ensuring enough ventilation throughout the night. WHISPER mattresses are woven with silver yarn. Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading makes use of real silver that naturally ionizes and prevents bacteria and bad smells. WHISPER mattresses are 99.99% free of bacteria and dust mites, preventing the signs of allergies and congestion.

The spokesperson also revealed, "Our mattress contains a special feature, the Silver Shield. Included with the mattress is a grounding cable that can be attached to the mattress and plugged into any outlet next to one's bed to create an invisible shield above, which prevents any EMF waves from entering their sleeping area. Electronics next to the sleeper's bed, such as TVs, phones and computers, emit harmful electromagnetic (EMF) waves that interfere with their brain waves and prevent them from getting deep restful sleep. Thus, we have incorporated the Silver Shield."

Those wondering about how to reduce stress and sleep well can make use of the beneficial features of WHISPER mattresses. These mattresses work on any surface, from the slatted foundation and solid box to box spring and adjustable frame. Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading has the best online mattress store, providing self-cleaning WHISPER mattresses and relaxing pillows. However, customers can wash them at home by simply unzipping a removable cover. Their highly responsive and sensitive Quantum foam layer also improves one's blood circulation and cradles their pressure points.

About Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC
Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading is a renowned retailer of premium bed mattresses and pillows in the UAE. The retailer sells its WHISPER brand mattresses that offer adjustable comfort to the sleepers. For customers wanting to buy mattress online, Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading has created its online shop. The retailer supplies mattresses that are created completely without glue, ensuring that dust mites cannot find a home in the bed.

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