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Deep Trekker Introduces Powerful, Cost-Effective New Underwater Aquaculture Drone

New remotely operated fish-farming vehicle can handle or assist with everything from net inspection to feeding, repairs, and mort retrieval, Deep Trekker reports


Ayr, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Deep Trekker introduced a new Underwater Drone To Help Fish Farming and Aquaculture specialists. Highly affordable, easy to transport, and simple to operate, the flexible new aquatic drone can assist with a wide range of aquaculture needs, from net inspection and feeding to routine monitoring and the removal of expired stock. Available immediately to customers worldwide, the new Deep Trekker product will help fish farms and aquaculture operations cut costs and improve operational efficiency and yields.

With natural fisheries the world over facing depletion just as global demand for animal-derived protein is surging, aquaculture is becoming an increasingly important source of food. Growing at an average annual rate of over 6 percent throughout the recent past, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, global aquaculture is set to overtake the capture of wild fish in total volume within the next ten years.

The increasing importance of aquaculture and fish farming to the world's food supplies means that ways of making these activities even more efficient are always welcome. While many of today's fish farming operations still rely on relatively low-tech approaches, others are developing competitive advantages through innovation.

Deep Trekker's just-announced, remotely operated underwater vehicle that targets aquaculture users represents a major opportunity of this sort. Capable of greatly reducing the labor requirements and risks associated with many common aquaculture duties, the portable, versatile new aquatic drone will positively transform aquaculture operations that take advantage of it.

With an intuitive, simple control scheme, the new Underwater Drone Remotely Operated Vehicle With Video Camera can be deployed to single-handedly accomplish important aquaculture tasks like the regular inspection of nets, fish feeding, and more. The new Deep Trekker drone can also be used in tandem with human divers and technicians to assist with their work, whether by providing light while repairs are made or ferrying supplies from shore.

The new aquaculture-focused Deep Trekker drone is a natural continuation of a line of related products that have already met with eager, productive adoption in a number of other industries. Deep Trekker's Portable ROV For Salvage With Grabber Arm, for example, is in widespread use in the underwater asset recovery and salvage industry, allowing for far more economical and safer retrieval of valuable submerged items compared to the use of human divers.

The company's affordable, flexible, accessible products are also now widely used by organizations that focus on oil and energy production, shipping, marine surveying, military and rescue missions, and more. Deep Trekker and its products have received coverage from a number of major general-interest media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, CBC News, and CTV News, as well as specialized publications like Sea Technology and Diver magazines. More information about the just-announced Deep Trekker aquaculture drone is available now at the company's website.

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