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AntlerX Spray Supplement Contains Deer Antler Velvet Extract for Fast Muscle Recovery and Increase Tissue Growth

Antlerx Deer Antler Spray Supplement Helps Speed Up Recovery Time And Increase Muscle Mass By Boosting IGF-1 Levels Through The Use Of Clinically Proven High Quality Deer Antler Velvet Extract.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Deer Antler Velvet has been a common natural alternative for tissue rebuilding but it wasn't until recent news broke out about a NFL player possibly using the extract to treating muscle and speeding up the healing process that the extract has gained some attention and sparked some interest all over the country.

According to recent news the NFL player who is expected to play in the Super Bowl this upcoming weekend, allegedly use a substance commonly known as IGF-1(deer antler velvet extract) to speed up his recovery from a past injury and fully excel in the upcoming and anticipated super bowl game.

IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) is a Human Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland with a variety of benefits and, muscle healing properties, boost of testosterone levels and ligament healing.

Because of the human growth properties of Deer Antler Velvet the substance has been banned and prohibited by the NFL for players.

Fortunately the NFL player denied all accusations of taking any enhancer supplements.

Event thou the substance has been banned by the NFL many people are now taking advantage of the natural healing and growth properties of Deer Antler Velvet.

The extract can be found as a spray or a pill. The spray is usually use underneath the tongue for major absorption, which is why most Deer antler Velvet users seem to prefer it.

AntlerX has been a popular leading Deer antler Spray, some of the benefits of the supplement include an increase of stamina, increase muscle mass and create lean muscle. Additionally the supplement comes with a 7-day step y step muscle creation program to help users enhance muscle and work on their body.

Due to the benefits of Deer Antler Velvet some physicians are recommending the supplement for muscle resiliency and elasticity.

Studies have also shown the levels of IGF-1 to drop as the body ages.

Even thought the news about Deer Antler Velvet recently broke out in the US. The Chinese have been using natural Deer Antler Velvet for tissue regeneration and to solve illness related to low energy and poor performance.

The substance is actually extract from the of Deer’s Antlers. Due to the high levels of IGF-1 antlers are able to grow back strong in a short period of time after they have been completely cut off.

According to recent studies the science behind Deer antler Velvet relies on the ability of the extract to oxygenate the muscle by the production of more red blood cells.

AntlerX is known for containing high levels of pure bioavailable Deer antler velvet Extract.

AntlerX contains 100mg of pure Deer Antler Velvet extract and other natural ingredients to help muscle building and healing.

Additional to the benefits of AntlerX the 7-day program can offer you an accurate solution to tissue reparation and muscle growth.

AntlerX is leading the way by offering authentic and high quality health supplements to the public. AntlerX only uses all natural ingredients to give users a chance to see the most benefits without any of the side effects.