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Deer Busters Helps Keep Deer out with the New Steel Hex Deer Fence

Fence Height Baffles Deer and Protects Your Crops


Frederick, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- With spring approaching, now’s the best time to invest in a Steel Hex Deer Fence from Deer Busters, so your garden has a chance to start strong this year. This fence will keep deer and other wildlife from nibbling on your crop.

If you take the time to plant a garden or farm sensitive crops, the last thing you need is deer feeding on all your hard work. With a steel hex deer fence from Deer Busters, you can keep deer and a lot of other wildlife out, so that your plants have a better chance of survival.

The steel hex fence comes in two sizes, including 7.5’ by 100’ and 6’ by 100’. This height ensures deer can’t jump over it after installation. You can also find convenient steel hex posts, corners, ends and gates, to give your fence the finishing touches it needs to work well, both for you and your property.

The steel hex design is made of 20 gauge galvanized wire that is coated with PVC coating. The combination of the hex shape and the high quality materials make it durable. Not only that, but it won’t spoil your view, either, because it is designed to be invisible from a distance. That way you can still take the country and wildlife views in, while keeping the critters out.

All of the Deer Busters products are American Made and range from steel fencing to electric fencing. They also sell fencing kits and deer repellant – so, no matter how you want to make deer scram: you can find a product that does it on their website.

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At Deer Busters, you can get high quality, American Made products meant to keep wildlife out, without harming the integrity of your property or the environment. They offer free shipping on orders over $99, 24 hour customer service, and a low price match guarantee.