Deer Busters Offers Poly Deer Fence

Home Owners Protect Land from Grazing Deer


Frederick, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2013 --’s poly deer fences are an affordable and nearly invisible solution to many gardeners’ biggest wildlife problem – deer. Deer naturally seek out areas with lots of grass, bushes and a few trees – thus, they are attracted to backyards and areas surrounding houses. Installing a poly deer fence around the home vegetable garden is a gardener’s tool to keep hungry deer from eating the harvest.

A deer fence is essential when starting a garden in an area with a heavy deer population. The fence needs to be at least 7.5 feet tall, to be an effective barrier against deer.’s poly deer fencing is nearly invisible from a distance, weighs considerably less than a metal fence of the same size, and is much easier to install than a typical metal fence. In addition to keeping deer out, these fences also keep out small animals that can also be destructive to gardens and yards. deer fences are the strongest poly deer fences available on the market. These poly deer fences are not sold in stores and are significantly stronger than the netting found in big-box stores. Strong, yet thin, deer poly fences are virtually invisible from a distance, providing reliable protection from deer damage, while preserving the view. This deer fencing is also corrosion proof and UV stabilized, to reduce breakdown due to exposure.

A small garden area can be easily set up by two people in only a few hours. The poly deer fence is also easy to work with, and does not tangle or tear. The fencing is stout enough to stand on its own, but remains flexible for easy installation through trees and along irregular fence lines. As the largest distributor of poly deer fences rolls in the United States, all deer fencing rolls are in stock and ready to ship year round.

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About is the solution to any deer problem. The company’s virtually invisible deer fencing provides reliable protection from deer damage, while preserving the view you worked so hard to create. Poly deer fence is lightweight, but extremely durable, with breaking strengths ranging from 600 pounds per square foot, to 900 pounds per square foot. Deer fencing provides affordable protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional fencing. These deer fences are made to last up to 20 years in the field.