Defective Poet Offers Touching Music and Poems


Arcata, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- It is always touching to listen to good music and to read poems that come from the heart. While many people have become so captivated with commercial hits that are being played by radio stations, there are some individuals that have managed to share their thoughts with others and have actually provided precious insights. Some of them, like Christian Zachary Geddes, do so in ways that are unique.

Zach, as his family and closest friends call him, shared his thoughts about the world without ever going mainstream and becoming part of the commercial music industry or the literary world. Nevertheless, through Defective Poet, he is able to continue making people realize about how ruthless the world can be to an individual.

Zach Geddes died in 2004, leaving behind a son who has no assurance of a good future. As a gifted artist, Zach made a substantial number of poems which contain his thoughts about many things of the world that he lived in. He later on also gave music to some of the poems that he wrote. However, he never sought fame and fortune with his talents. Zach believes that his art is just an expression and, therefore, it should not be sold. This apparently made people oblivious about him and his talents. Still, the few who did read his works appreciate his writing style because it comes from the heart. There are even some who compare these to the style that Ernest Hemingway writes in.

However, Zach was also junkie. He was not only the Defective Poet; he was also self-labeled as the American Sinner. It is because of this that he was never able to prepare his son’s future in the financial sense. When he died, there was nearly nothing for his very young son to live on.

Nevertheless, Zach's brother has made it a point to provide a good future to his son. A memorial site was established. This features all of the poems and music written by Zach Geddes. It is here that visitors of the site can access free poetry. Free music download is also allowed. Those who are into music with the styles of Tom Waits and Beck will love to hear Zach’s own compositions.

The website offers more than 80 free music downloads. It is also here that poetry lovers can read hundreds of original poems. All these represent Zach Geddes’ life work. Visitors of the website are asked to make donations for the future of Zach’s only son. The donations are coursed through PayPal. It is hoped that with the small income generated, Zach’s son will be able to meet his basic needs as well as get an education, and eventually make a better future for himself.

For those who wish to listen to Zach’s music and read his literary works, visiting the website mentioned above will certainly be worth it. Not only will they be able to understand and appreciate Zach’s talents, they will also be able to help his son get a good future.

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