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Defense Nutrition Introduces a New Innovative, Healthy Chocolate Made With Premium Whey Protein


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2012 -- Defense Nutrition® announced today that their new innovative chocolate bar, ChocoWhey™, is now available. ChocoWhey™ is an artisan-crafted gourmet chocolate bar that is made with whey protein. It was created with the mission to serve as a true healthy chocolate alternative to conventional chocolates and candy bars.

Designed to accommodate the needs of dieters, diabetics, athletes and health-conscious chocolate lovers, ChocoWhey™ is made from specially harvested cacao beans and premium whey protein to yield the world’s first whey chocolate – high in protein with no sugar added.

“Most diet chocolate or diabetic-friendly chocolate cannot deliver when it comes to taste, quality and nutrition,” said Ori Hofmekler, CEO of Defense Nutrition. “Our products not only satisfy sweet cravings with its rich and creamy texture, but also provide exceptional nutritional benefits that are unmatched even by the healthiest sugar-free chocolate options on the market today.”

ChocoWhey™ is a groundbreaking product never-before-seen on the market. Unlike other chocolates or protein bar products that are made with sugar, sugar alcohol, or artificial sweeteners, known for causing laxative and digestive side effects, ChocoWhey™ is a safe treat made with quality whey protein, zero sugar added and no artificial ingredients.

ChocoWhey™ has been tested to contain a higher antioxidant content than some of nature’s healthiest foods, including blueberries, oranges, and raspberries. It also provides all key amino acids along with immune supporting nutrients and essential minerals. The wholesome nutrients in cacao and whey have been linked to improved heart and brain function, enhanced blood circulation, strengthened immune system, reduced risk of cancer and stress relief. With just one 2 oz ChocoWhey™ bar, an adult can attain twice the daily-recommended amount of antioxidants.

“We removed the sugar, added whey protein and kept the taste,” said Ori Hofmekler. “ChocoWhey™ yields all the advantages of chocolate and whey protein with virtually no disadvantages. It can be used as a healthy treat during the day, a safe dessert and a performance-enhancing snack before and after exercise.”

Defense Nutrition’s artisan-made low-carb chocolate is packed full of flavor to appease chocolate aficionados of all ages. ChocoWhey’s™ revolutionary recipe yields one of the best tasting gourmet chocolate ever seen on the market.

About Defense Nutrition
Defense Nutrition was created with the mission to provide effective and innovative nutritional products made with 100 percent natural, whole-food based ingredients. All products contain zero sugar added, no gluten, no fructose, or sugar alcohol. The company’s products are aimed at nourishing, energizing, balancing and enhancing all metabolic systems for improved health and survival in today’s world.

For more information on ChocoWhey™, please visit http://www.chocowhey.com. For media interviews, contact info@defensenutrition.com.