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Defrost Labs LE5K Rechargeable Hand Warmer with 5200 mAh Battery Now Available at 20% Discount


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- The latest long lasting 3-in-1 Rechargeable Hand Warmer LE5K by Defrost Labs is currently available at 20% discount for limited time only through Amazon. The product is currently priced at an 18% discount on the website, however with a limited period coupon the highly demanded hand warmer can be purchased at a net 20% discount.

Hand warmers have seen a technological advancement in last few years and the multifunctional hand warmers have become the favorite. Hand warmers such as the Defrost Labs LE5K 3-in-1 Rechargeable Hand Warmer have an additional function of also acting as an external charger for USB devices such as smartphones and tablets. The third function of the Defrost Labs hand warmer is the bright LED light which has proven to be useful during emergencies.

Even though these 3 functions are now the norm for most hand warmer providers, there is still major difference in the quality of their products. The two deciding factors for electric hand warmer customers have been the amount of heat produced and the battery life of the device. Battery life has always been a concern when purchasing portable electronic products and at times it seems that the consumer can’t get enough of it. But in the case of a multifunctional hand warmer which also acts as an external charger, battery life is of upmost importance and many companies even after realizing this are having trouble providing enough of it.

The Defrost Labs is currently the front runner in that department as its reusable hand warmer has a whopping 5200 mAh Li-ion battery. When fully charged, this enables the hand warmer to offer heating for 4-7 hours, or charge smartphones & tablet devices up to 3 times (depending on the device’s battery). The device also has a 4-level charge indicator to clearly display the amount of battery left to efficiently use the hand warmer’s functions according to the priorities of the user.

Currently available via Amazon at an 18% discount Defrost Labs 3-in-1 Rechargeable Hand Warmer has received one of the most positive hand warmer reviews on the website. The customers have appreciated the great battery life of the hand warmer and have complimented the heating capability of the device. The slim ergonomic design of the LE5K hand warmer has also impressed many customers who find it much easier to hold it with one hand compared to other hand warmers which are nearly twice its size. Many customers have stated that they had to stumble upon few other products before being fully satisfied by the Defrost Labs LE5K.

Individuals interested in purchasing the Defrost Labs LE5K 3-in-1 Rechargeable Hand Warmer can use the following limited coupon for a net 20% discount through Amazon: E69QNA38

About Defrost Labs
Defrost Labs is one of the leading companies that provides rechargeable multi-functional hand warmers. Currently the company is offering a 3-in-1 rechargeable hand warmer LE5K that also acts as a portable battery charger for all USB devices and has a bright LED torch for emergency purposes. The Defrost Labs hand warmer which is now available on Amazon has received positive feedback by majority of the customers who have repeatedly commended the hand warmer’s long lasting battery life.

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