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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- One day you are browsing your Facebook account like the usual when suddenly your PC stops or the screen is stuck. The worst part is you do not want to go outside because of circumstances. What the heck are you going to do? Well, you should the experts on this: Del – Tech PC Support.

So what is Del – Tech all about? They are an independent provider that produces on – demand tech support. They are not affiliated with any brand though so they will not discriminate on giving you tech support. They have different types of services that you can have like your usual tech support, the very delicate virus removal, online PC support if you ever have problems on your pc and you can still use it, remote computer repair if you want Del – Tech’s computer experts to remote repair your PC from afar and it is quite convenient too for the clients and many more! Del – Tech is founded by Andrew Harvey and still owner of the business.

Computer repair can be a hassle sometimes because most computer repair shops request you to bring your central processing unit or your CPU to their shops so that they can repair or anything related to your PC that you want to be repaired. That, for some customers, is a hassle and a waste of resources. Wouldn’t it be better if the repairs can be done in your homes and somehow magically be done without bringing out your PC? Well, depending on the situation or the broken part, you can now! If it is something about your PC software, then these guys will repair your software remotely. So you can sit back, relax and watch a show while waiting for them to finish. If it is about a hardware problem then they will have to visit for a house call. They aren’t expert computer diagnostic guys for nothing.

If you are looking for a wholesale or a long tech support package, they also have plans for that that you can choose from. They have a very cheap package that also includes an anti – virus for free. The next packages are for 1 – 5 years of live remote support and with many benefits to choose from. The tools that they use for repairing your erroneous software or broken hardware are all top – notch since they are experts on this field. Their support for famous brands like Acer, Asus, Dell and many more are unparalleled so you would not be dissatisfied with their service. They can also repair other PC gadgets and accessories like printers, monitors and many more.

So whenever a PC breaks down, do not let it get to you and try to smash it to pieces. Remember to call these guys. Remember, these guys will be relentless and will be sure to fix your PCs to tip top shape since they have this line: “Value, Quality and Guaranteed Resolution for our customers’ technical problems”. So give them a call and that will help you relax.

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Remote Computer Repair
Del – Tech PC Support LLC
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