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Delectable New Book Shares Secrets of Creating & Selling Specialty Food Products- for Profit!

After spending over a decade of searching to find information on how to create and sell specialty food products in the USA, Harvey Clark was forced to teach himself. With his business profitable and his products in stores, Harvey is now releasing his self-written ‘guidebook’ to help others reach popularity much more rapidly.


Boylston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- If you ask those in business, there is no reward better than seeing consumers purchase and enjoy a product you have made. With millions of Americans a dab-hand in the kitchen, the prospect of creating and selling their own specialty food products has never been better.

It’s all thanks to a new book, ‘How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA: Specialty Foods for Beginners’, by Harvey Clark. His unique and thorough ‘how to’ guide teaches readers everything they need to know about the specialty food business, allowing them to make a profit without wasting precious time.

As the author explains, his book was the result of ten years of personal struggle, searching for the information he needed.

“I thought it would be fun to make my own specialty food products and sell them to stores, starting with some unique dressings and sauces my wife and I created,” says Clark, who runs the successful Mondi Enterprises in Boylston, Massachusetts, named for his wife Mondi.

Continuing, “It quickly became apparent however, that finding the information I needed was not going to be easy. A constant search for resources with all the really important information, necessary to make a profit creating and selling specialty foods, by someone who had actually experience doing it, apparently did not exist.”

However, after learning everything for himself, Clark found he’d amassed vital information which could be valuable to others.

“After nearly ten years of creating and selling my own products by trial and error, I realized that I’d accumulated a great deal of the hard to find, crucial knowledge I’d been looking for, bit by bit. This realization, combined with the desire to share it with entrepreneurs looking for this information, resulted in my book,” he adds.

The book’s 225 pages are awash with invaluable information that’s geared towards assisting readers reach profitability as quickly as possible, while still ensuring their products and processes are of the highest quality. Presented in an easy-to-follow format and using real-life experiences from its author, the book is poised to become hot property among those looking to make money from their kitchen creations.

Clark maintains his commitment to helping readers succeed. In fact, he has even included direct contact information so that people can get in touch as and when new questions arise, at no charge.

“Each reader is afforded a direct line to me. I’ll be on hand to clarify information from the book and share any information and wisdom on all things specialty foods. I’m totally committed to seeing my readers excel, and I’ll be there to help them along the way,” Clark concludes.

‘How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA: Specialty Foods for Beginners’, published by CreateSpace, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/VCCCVO

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.specialtyfoodsforbeginners.com

About Harvey Clark
Born in the state of Maine, Mr. Clark has lived for the past thirty years in central Massachusetts, and has been married to his wife Mondi for nearly twenty of those years. After over twenty years in the food service industry, Mr. Clark decided creating and selling his own specialty food products would be an interesting challenge, so that's how most of the first decade of the new century was spent.

Having seen that the profitability rate was discouraging for individuals like himself doing this, he decided to create an instructional volume with all the information that didn't seem to be available in any one place. It is his hope that "How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA” will help reverse the success percentages for all individuals traveling down this road.