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Delicious Presets Upgrades Lightroom Presets Collections


Gdansk, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Delicious Presets, a post-processing resource website, has recently announced several changes to their Adobe Lightroom presets collections.

The website’s Delicious Presets bundles were recently upgraded to include higher quality and user experience. In this way, each preset is finely tuned and can be applied quickly, which results in faster workflow.

The most important changes include color and tone improvements—especially Delicious Colors, which is now more focused on natural colors. All presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG files.

Additionally, Delicious Presets changed minor features of each collection by adding new presets and omitting some that did not fit with the collection. As a result, each collection’s components fit better with its theme.

Delicious Presets offers four different collections of presets for Lightroom 4. Delicious Colors centers on beautiful natural colors and awesome subtle tones, Analog Story helps users achieve a lovely analog film look and subtle vintage tones, Distinct Analog manipulates photos into rich vintage images with easily controlled grain, and Black&White Pepper achieves astonishing black and white tones with controlled grain and tone.

“Delicious Presets include grain, tonal, sharpening, and vignette/framing presets. These work in harmony with the other presets to add subtle levels of richness to your images,” said Gene McCullagh, a Lightroom expert, in his review of the collection. “What impresses me the most about Delicious Presets is the responsiveness of the company behind them. I’d say that these are worth a look.”

The website has also adjusted the prices of their professional Lightroom presets. Each now costs 40 dollars, and buyers can obtain greater savings if they purchase the four collections in a bundle for 110 dollars.

Individuals interested in learning more about Delicious Presets and their collections can visit the website for more information. Delicious Presets is currently offering review copies to photography magazines and influential bloggers.

About Delicious Presets
Delicious Presets provides professional tools for photographers to help them in post-processing photos. The website now offers the presets for both Adobe Lightroom 4, and is always looking to expand its product lines into other types of photographic software that will help photographers quickly achieve great results with their photos. Delicious Presets also offers presets for Adobe Lightroom 3. For more information, please visit http://www.deliciouspresets.com