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Deluxe Barware Glasses Launches Whiskey Glass Set That Solves Whisky Tasting Problems


Armagh, Northern Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2017 -- Deluxe Barware Glasses, an international company whose headquarters are in Europe, has recently announced that they have created the latest addition to their wide range of glass set products. This latest addition is the whiskey glass set that was created to solve whiskey tasting problems. The set comes in 4 whiskey glasses.

The kind of whiskey glass one uses to drink whiskey direct affects the taste of the said alcoholic beverage. The one of Deluxe Barware's for example features more restricted top. This is turn,makes it easier for whiskey drinkers to smell the different subtleties in the drink that he/she is tasking. Nosing is a very essential part of the tasting process. It is also a part of the whiskey creation process. Before, this process was being done secretly behind closed doors by people in the production process of whiskey.

The CEO of Deluxe Barware Glasses, Gary Mcgeown based in Ireland was asked what makes their glass set unique from the other ones out in the market. He responded to this question in a press conference by saying that, "Our products are only made out of the finest materials out their. For example, the whiskey glass set is made out of high-quality lead-free glassware. That way, one doesn't have to worry about toxic leaks anymore. The glasses' shape is a classic silhouette which makes them easier to pair with anything. The glasses are very easy to clean. Most of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty from our company. We are confident that the demand for our product will continue to grow."

The 4-piece glass set is only available in the biggest online store in the world, Amazon. The said product has garnered multiple positive reviews from customers all over Europe who've purchased it online. The product has also receive 5-star ratings from their customers. It used to retail for 37 USD and now it is on a special promotion price of 12.99 USD for a limited time.

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