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Deluxe Barware Glasses Redesigns Best-Selling Whiskey Glass Set


Armagh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2017 -- Deluxe Barware Glasses is an international company that is known for creating premium high quality glasses.

Their most popular product is their best-selling Whiskey glass set that was designed and manufactured in their headquarters located in Ireland in the European continent. has exclusivity rights to the product and so the set may be purchased directly from the site.

The new Whiskey glass set is now made out of lead-free glass. The lead-free glass material is known for being environmentally-friendly and makes the glasses safe. Each set comes with 4 whiskey glasses. It is ideal for a group of friends or a small family who enjoy drinking together as a social activity. It comes in a classic design and goes well easily with any dining table or kitchen. It was also designed with an ergonomic fit. This means that the drinkers may hold on to the glass easily as it fits their grip like a glove. The set comes with a free and automatic lifetime warranty from Deluxe Barware glasses. This means that should the glasses break or get damaged, the customer has the right to demand a replacement easily and hassle-free.

The newly redesigned product has been receiving positive testimonials and perfect ratings from their customers. One of the customers, John from Texas, USA wrote that, "These glasses are nearly identical in shape, heft, and feel to the famed Glencairn whisky glass at a fraction of the cost. The theory behind the shape is that volatile chemicals responsible for the flavor and aroma of a distilled and aged spirit are concentrated in the lower portion of the glass so that you can get the full experience as you nose and taste. The effect works best when you pour a single shot, not when you fill them half way or more. The curve of the glass allows easy swirling and the nubby base allows you to use the palm of your hand to warm the whisky (or brandy, aged rum, aƱejo tequila."

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