Deluxe Village Concierge Offers Several Alternatives to Hotels


Cape Town, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Cape Town Holiday villas continue to gain popularity among guests and visitors to the country, and to cater to the increased demand, Deluxe Village Concierge now offers a vast array of services to ensure one’s stay in Cape Town is a memorable one.

The numerous concierge services offered by Deluxe Village Concierge, according to a spokesperson, is an affirmation of their goal to provide guests with the best Cape Town villas available. As one of the biggest management companies in the area, the company is in prime position to offer guests high class service.

In recent years the number of people that opt for villas instead of hotels has grown rapidly, as it’s been apparent that they offer the same amenities and accommodations at more reasonable prices. As Deluxe Village Concierge often points out, there is no need to stay in hotels when villas provide the amenities one needs.

However, the company is not content to limit its services and offerings to just the villa, as they also provide pre-arrival grocery shopping, private catering, chef and special events assistance. The latter service is not something one often finds villas in Cape Town, a company spokesperson says, but they provide it here to ensure guests receive assistance in case there’s an event or party.

Cape Town has always been a popular destination for tourists, and a poll of the most popular vacation destinations shows that the place is always in the mix. Now, Deluxe Village Concierge says they want to make the stay of visitors to be even more enjoyable.

By Ana C. Fortier

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